Not every trend is a healthy one

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I didn't install tick tock on my new phone but it doesnt matter. Facebook is full of tick tocks. Instagram is full of tick tocks. Even YouTube is now showing me tick tocks. Tick tock is a psychological weapon and you can't change my mind..

Here are some articles about TicTok.

They are just food for thought.

1 Living in a Moment: Impact of TicTok on Influencing Younger Generation into Micro-Fame
3 How does the Booming Short Video Affect Attention Economy?
4 Getting glued to TikTok® – Undermining the psychology behind widespread inclination toward dub-mashed videos;year=2019;volume=20;issue=2;spage=76;epage=77;aulast=Kumar
5 On the Psychology of TikTok Use: A First Glimpse From Empirical Findings
6 Toxic TikTok Trends


The simplest thing to do.... stop using them. 👌

I not use Facebook or Twitter.... also I try find how to get 100% out from google too. They all are so fuck up pages that it make me feel sick.

My nephew was was accepted into Pre-med and had aspirations of becoming a doctor.

He became a tictok star with hundreds of thousands of followers watching his dance videos. So, instead of becoming a doctor he now sells used clothes.

Last time I went to the cellphone store, I casually went around to all the display models and uninstalled facebook and tiktok if I could do so.

It's the little things.



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You know one of your 'scholarly' sources is a catholic high school right? Their paper isn't even really functional for an argument against TikTok as a platform and they cite buzzfeed and cosmopolitan on their sources. Very scholarly and academic establishments there. Seems like you just copied it off a Google search without actually reading any of the papers. You should consider taking some time to research the preprint problem plaguing the modern world before you compound the problem further. People are constantly passing off preprint as real academic papers and it has caused a mess of issues.

As far as TikTok goes, I don't really have any reason to defend them or care but bashing them from another social media either looks like you're throwing stones from glass houses or huffing copium as you try to comprehend TikTok's massive success compared to Hive. It'd probably be better to take the time to try to clean up Hive and make it a better ecosystem so it could maybe compete with TikTok and we can ascend to this higher sense of ethics we're supposed to be aspiring to or whatever the fuck it was we were supposed to be bashing TikTok about since it wasn't really made that clear to me.

Hive could easily be bashed on many of the arguments being used against TikTok in these papers and that's before even factoring in the downvoting abuse and other problems unique to us that happen. But let's all dogpile on TikTok and sip from chalices in our ivory towers as we snub our noses at them, feeding an echo chamber where we can solidly feel better than them without reflecting on the shortcomings of our own platform despite. Yeah that'll win over the masses.

Fuck TikTok and its shitty spyware but if people aren't going to pull their heads out of their asses and build a better Hive then we can't say shit when they take such a big part of the market share compared to us. We should really reflect on why it's so much more successful and use that to create change instead of just pouting about how bad X platform is which is just a useless virtue signal ultimately.

Thanks for the comment this isn't a scholarly source. It's just a post of one of many people bullied off of Hive. Care to comment about Hive superiority. It's amazing we have such a great sense of ethics here and provide psychological respite here unlike TikTok. Wouldn't you agree @darkflame ?

I see what you mean, I never like to see that users are getting flagged into oblivion. I have helped a few users get off those downvote lists, some users dont even know why they are getting downvoted. This situation is a result of the bot wars on steem in 2017, and now we have all these automated measures to prevent spam and discourage abusive behavior. The mechanisms are not perfect and are still managed by humans who have bias. It does not seem fair. More discussion about this and how users can find resolution is worth having.

Hive is not perfect, it is an experiment. The upvoting/downvoting has been going on for five years and I don't usually use my downvote because I am more focused on rewarding good content than chasing down bad ones. There are people who are doing that already, and it's an ongoing battle. I am not arguing that Hive is better than TicTok, however an app like Dappler might benefit from adding more filters and video tools to their camera.

My displeasure with TicTok is how it affects my thoughts. I avoided spending too much time on Vine for that reason too. I used Google Scholar to find the articles, and sure that one written by the high school students might not be post-secondary academic, but who is going to write about Toxic TicTok trends better than some high school girls? If this subject is interesting to others I might do a more well-read post about the subject some time.

I did read the abstracts of these articles before I included them in my post, and I am half-interested in reading more which elaborate on what has been studied so far. Mainly what I don't like is the "loop factor" I will call, when a ticktock or other short video repeats. I have had many tictoks stuck in my head and that is one of the things that makes it powerful. The other thing I don't like is the "endless factor" how it has no bottom and just keeps going forever, and you could scroll all day long. I try to avoid doing this, on any platform including FB, Instagram, or even Hive. It seems these effects transcend apps, tictok might have made it popular but I am seeing it everywhere now and thats just the way social media works now. New features, new ideas, and people love it!

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