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Alas spotted this post rather late @remlaps, but I did want to pass along that I was also on old Tsu... sadly, it had some serious problems in its last "format," not least of which was the minimum payout limit of $100 which only a handful of people actually had large enough followings to achieve. It'll be interesting to see how they plan to "re-spray" it.

The "User generated content for rewards" industry seems to have a troubled history, it seems. Ironically, the longest lived candidate was also the first to enter the ring: Epinions, in 1999. I remember well how insane it seemed to get paid 3 cents a page view, but back then page views were about as hard to find as rainbow unicorns. Dozens of community-based projects have followed... Themestream, WrittenByMe, Squidoo, Helium, Gather, Skyword... there was an actual Facebook-like social network (based in Brazil, as I recall); more recently there was monster flop Bubblews which cratered only months after securing major Wall Street VC funding. And then Tsu.

A referral bonus would be trivial to establish on Steem. Steempeak has already revealed exactly how to do it by taking 5% of the author rewards of all posts of their users.

Easy Peasy.


Thanks for the comment!

You're right about that. Any of the front-ends could add a beneficiary setting in posts by the referred account that directs rewards to the referring account. It would have to be a big enough percentage to encourage referrals, but small enough not to drive people away to post through other front-ends, though. And I guess they'd have to maintain a database of referrals (or else store the info in custom_json the block chain.)

In Tsu's mechanism, the rewards don't appear to cut into the content-creator's share. If I'm understanding correctly, it comes out of the site's share of advertising revenue. On the other hand, beneficiary rewards here come out of the author's share. Maybe not a "show stopper", but it is a slightly different dynamic.

I wonder how hard a referral program would be to do on the STEEM blockchain. I liked that Tsu offered a downline like in MLM. It was a smart business model. I was really sad when that platform closed. They created a great business model for content creators, and it also generated a great community. I met a lot of fun, like minded people on there. Still keep in touch with a few of them too, here and on Twitter.

They really should consider a blockchain solution for the new platform. Would be cool if they figured out a way to incorporate STEEM. It would almost put the monetary aspect of it on auto pilot.

Thanks for the reply!

They really should consider a blockchain solution for the new platform. Would be cool if they figured out a way to incorporate STEEM. It would almost put the monetary aspect of it on auto pilot.

I was thinking this, too. I imagine that they're too far along to change course at this point, but it really does seem like a natural fit.

I wonder how hard a referral program would be to do on the STEEM blockchain.

Me too. I guess you could do it at the front-end layer using a centralized database and advertising revenue without too much trouble, but I suppose it would be more difficult at the blockchain layer. At one point, busy.org said that they would be doing something like that with their invitations, but I'm not sure if they ever actually turned it on.

I joined Tsu in 2015, and the growth mindset I employ here is one that I figured out on Tsu, albeit a trifle too late. I'd give it another go, though. Signing up now. Shit, I shared video of a Steven Tyler concert on there just a month before they closed down. It's thanks to Tsu that I met @thecastle, too!

And to answer your question, yes, they did have quite a few celebrities. There was a list run by one of the larger bloggers, but I'm a wee bit tipsy and can't find it right now. My Google Fu is weak...

I do remember, specifically, that Lance Bass of N*Sync, Carmelo Anthony, and Skrillex were on Tsu. Those are the three that I remember.

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Thanks for the feedback! It'll be interesting to see what the new site looks like.

Just out of curiosity, I just spent a few minutes trying to find that list you mentioned. No luck for me, either.

It was, like, a WordPress blog or something like it. It had 20 celebrities on it, though!

I came to Steem from Tsu when it shut down. I'm not that interested in the new version as it just seems to be using the name and I prefer the openness of blockchain. Tsu was a neat I idea and I made a bit from it, but Steem has more potential if it can just take off.

Thanks for the reply! I don't think I ever made anything on Tsu 'cause I usually only signed in once a month or once a quarter. I loved the idea, though. It truly was ahead of its time.

I definitely agree that Steem has far more potential now, so it remains to be seen how much I'll make use of new-Tsu. Steem is not just a website. As an ecosystem, it could host a hundred or a thousand different Tsu-like applications.

That's a good point. I didn't think of Steem hosting a tsu-like app. I wonder if @partiko ever thought of that...

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