Last Day of 100 Days Of Code

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Today I completed the 100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter! If you're not familiar with it, it's a challenge to code every day for 100 days straight. This was my second attempt. I tried last year, made it 70 days but summer came along and I never finished the challenge.

This time I waited till summer was over and started the challenge again. I think I only missed 3 days between the time I started and Christmas. The Christmas season was tough. I only had a few days left between Chrismas and New Years and caught up in the holiday hustle, and a little drunkeness, I think I coded every other day till I completed the last couple days. I was motivated to finish though.

It is incredible how much you can learn in 100 days. If you're new to coding or thinking about getting into it, I would highly recommend taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. It's very motivational, you'll meet other people that are learning to code, and it's fun to share projects and see what other people in the challenge are working on. There are some brilliant coders out there! In all honestly, the experience was humbling.

I lean towards web design and front end development. I learned just how much frontend development has changed in the last 20 years and how much the code has changed. I also found it incredibly motivating! It really opened my eyes as to how much I have to learn in order to be current with code and best practices.

So in 100 Days, I started to work on the redesign for my business website. I haven't finished that one yet. I have a sort of creative writers block with that one. I'm not sure which direction I want to take, and I need to update it to a more modern feel.

I updated I'm pretty happy with the direction that site is taking. I finally got the news aggregator working again. I coded it in NodeJS and run it off a RaspberryPi. My focus on the 100DaysOfCode was on JavaScript and I was able to complete a lot of projects I had put on hold. The aggregator being one of those projects.

As much as I wanted to focus mainly on JavaScript, I couldn't help but dip my toes in the shallow end of NodeJS. I learned enough to not only get the aggregator working again, but also bring @NewsCryptoBot on Twitter back to life. This also runs on NodeJS and off my RaspberryPi and spits out the bitcoin price hourly along with headlines from Cointelegraph and other crypto news outlets.

I finally learned github. That was something I had put off for awhile. I also built a basic landing page on it for my business.

I signed up for several courses on Progate. I completed the HTML course, the CSS course, took the github course, the linux command line course and finished three sections of the JavaScript course. I still need to complete the JavaScript course.

As far as books... I completed the JavaScript section of Web Coding & Development All In One.

Although I never finished my business site redesign, I did put together a resources page to keep track of all the different resources I found helpful.

The 100 Days challenge is definitely worth the time it takes to complete. I learned so much. I found most of my improvements in problem solving. So many things I used to have to look up repeatedly, I can do off the top of my head now. I'm incredibly comfortable with HTML and CSS now. Next I want that same level of comfort with JavaScript.

Moving forward, I'm taking 2 months off. I want to spend the next month on learning theme development for WordPress. Then I want to spend another month working on OpenCart for online shopping.

One of the biggest things I took from the challenge was a huge boost in my confidence and it reignited my passion for web design. There was so much I needed to learn to update my coding skills and I learned a lot in 100 Days. It really is incredible how much you can learn in 100 Days if you dedicate yourself to the task!

So for the last day of my 100DaysOfCode I'm adding more resources to the resources page on my website. I'm going to start working on a design for the business site. Finally I'm going to look into some resources for getting more intimate with WordPress.

If you're into coding I would strongly recommend the 100DaysOfCode challenge. It's a great way to meet industry people, improve your coding skills, and see what other people in the industry are working on.

Thanks for reading and keep on coding!


That's really cool. I write code at work, but haven't been doing stuff for my own interest in a while. I need to come up with a project and maybe do some more courses. Something else to work on this year.

That's awesome that you code for a living. I'd like to get to the point where coding and web design pay the bills. Interesting projects definitely make it fun to learn new things!