Doing The 100DaysOfCode Challenge Again.

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The Dood's been busy. I haven't been posting a lot and most of my free time has been spent doing the 100DaysOfCode Twitter challenge. This is my second attempt at the 100DaysOfCode challenge. The last time I attempted the challenge I made it to around 70 days and summer happened.

I waited till autumn for my second attempt. I figured what better way to spend the colder months than doing the coding challenge. So for the last 50 days I haven't done much else but code. Halfway there! 50 days to go!

Front End Development has been my main focus on this challenge. I have a pretty good understanding of HTML and CSS so my main focus has been on JavaScript.

Over the course of 50 days I've managed to make a couple simple web apps. One is a Fahrenheit to Celcius converter and the other app is a tipping app. I still have to style them, and I may build on them in the future.

My main goal for taking the coding challenge was getting NewsCryptoBot back up and running and making some much needed upgrades to So far so good.

NewsCryptoBot is running and pulling bitcoin prices from the Coindesk api and posting the news to Twitter. is starting to get it's much needed facelift and after a long delay the news aggregator is back up and running.

Both the news aggregator and NewsCryptoBot are running off a Raspberry Pi and NodeJS. I'm also working on a crypto podcast aggregator that should be up shortly.

Just about everything is running off JavaScript and NodeJS. I've put off learning JavaScript for a really long time, but after reading about NodeJS I'm really excited about learning all I can about JavaScript. It now makes JavaScript useful on the back end.

The best thing about the 100DaysOfCode is how much confidence it builds. Although I still have a long way to go, I'm learning a lot and problem solving while I'm coding is getting much easier.Each day my confidence grows in my coding skills and I'm looking forward to see what I can accomplish at the end of the challenge.

I'll keep you all posted and post an update at the end of the challenge.


i am mostly PHP/mysql
but nodejs is awesome - the websockets are way easier to set-up and use compared to PHP
i still got a long way to go - but having the same language on the server and the client makes for HUGE leaps and bounds ;)

I know a little PHP, but I could never get it to do the more complicated stuff I needed. I'm really clicking with NodeJS probably because I have a much better understanding of JavaScript. Like you said, having a language that is usable on server side and client is really cool.

Sounds like you are building good skills. Having a project is the best way to learn coding. You need to challenge yourself. It should be fun too.

Thanks. I've got 3 different projects I'm working on right now but keep coming up with new ideas too. I definitely need to start challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone with coding now.

I find there is a library for anything you might want to do these days, but it is still best to learn the basics of a language so you can be more efficient. I mainly work with Python these days and I enjoy it.

I like Python too. Once I get this front end stuff down, I want to give Python another try . The libraries available now are insane! It does seem like there's a library for close to everything. I agree though, I think it's important to get a good understanding of the language you're coding with before using the libraries. At the very least, a good understanding can help you fine tune the libraries that you're working with or help you debug when things aren't working the way they should.