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RE: Doing The 100DaysOfCode Challenge Again.

in #smt3 years ago

Sounds like you are building good skills. Having a project is the best way to learn coding. You need to challenge yourself. It should be fun too.


Thanks. I've got 3 different projects I'm working on right now but keep coming up with new ideas too. I definitely need to start challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone with coding now.

I find there is a library for anything you might want to do these days, but it is still best to learn the basics of a language so you can be more efficient. I mainly work with Python these days and I enjoy it.

I like Python too. Once I get this front end stuff down, I want to give Python another try . The libraries available now are insane! It does seem like there's a library for close to everything. I agree though, I think it's important to get a good understanding of the language you're coding with before using the libraries. At the very least, a good understanding can help you fine tune the libraries that you're working with or help you debug when things aren't working the way they should.