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Right on awesome project my man!

For my aquariums, I have them on a timer but not really watching the energy consumption or the like. I am transitioning to LED lights for money and energy savings as well as some controllable hues for the stuff the plants like. HAve to make sure they are kept away from moisture which is a challenge with aquariums.

Great info there! Won't win too many wifepoints in my household being able to quantify things like kettle boiling though ;)


My plants are all simple, so a daylight bulb should do. They were $6 each and can easily be repurposed if I don't like what they turn the plants into.

Controlledwrs are really coming down in price. I find the moisture isn't so bad arpund my aquariums because I keep my tanks a little cooler than I should and 2 are just at room temperature.

I'm just imagining what I will do with my next smart plug. I'm thinking of maybing a fancy alarm clock.