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I hope this "Smart Plug" can work on PC, as I am busy designing a "Cube" for mushroom growing and I need a timer to control the temperature and fogging inside the cube.

Here's a shot of the cube.



That thing looks really neat. I hope to hear more about this.

I grew mushrooms before, but never as sophisticated. Good luck.

The smart plug I have can work with PC (you will need wifi at home and a wireless adapter for your pc) or even a tablet.

It seems like for temperature and humidity control you would need something else as well for that data (a wireless thermostat) unless you are just going to run them a few hours a day. The plug just monitors electricity consumption and controls time.

I am working on a big master box with an electric element inside.
The box (PVC) will have a water inlet system with a level float valve.
A dual suction and reverse fan will be mounted on the lid of the plastic box to perform the hot fogging, or the cool spraying functions inside the cube.
Oh! and a 50mill PVC pipe will lead from the master box to the top part of the cube.
The master box will also have a pump connected to an ac/dc converter and it is at this connection that I want to place a timer that is connected to two thermostat probes inside the cube.
Should the temperature drop or rise in the cube, the timer will activate the entire system to perform the corrective action.
I hope this makes sense my friend!

That seems like a very interesting project.

There is something called govee for around 15$ on amazon that monitors temp and humidity and sends alerts. You could then turn on a smart plug based on those. It may even be possible to automate. Or just get a temperature or humidity smart plug for around 30$

Thank you for the advice my friend.
I will have a look at all of the options.
Luckily still in the design stage and have to ensure that I stay withing budget, but I am not willing to compromise on quality.