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Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! That looks like a good investment in efficiency.
Well done. I'm assuming the internet service over there is very dependable?


The application I'm currently using it for doesn't really save energy. However, it can be used to save energy and make people aware of what uses a lot of energy.

The Internet in Korea is among the most reliable and fastest in the world. It is extremely fast and rarely interrupted. Mobile data is great, too. I pay around $26 a month for high-speed internet, a 5g (1gb/s) wireless router, and cable TV. If I just took the internet it would be like $22. It's rarely interrupted and I have unlimited mobile data anyway (it does get throttled to 1mb/s after 10GB or something).

Holy smokes! We have a long way to go before our service gets anywhere near as good as that. Especially here in the country.