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Smart plugs (and lights... ) are the best! I have a few around the house... but the best ones are the lights, which my kids can use to control the lighting via a Voice Assistant. It means that they can do it without trying to jump and hit the switch.... plus, they love making them change colours and go full disco with the music!


Glad I found another smart plug supporter. I'm just begining to think of the ways they can help me
All my lights already have centralized timer and switch control, but getting a few fun smart lights sounds like an idea! Especially with voice control and random colors. My fsh would hate this however.
I've got one e26 base lamp in a very central location that would be perfect.

My other lights have weird sockets and would require rare smartlights or are in bad locations.

Weird sockets? I thought that they were pretty much all standardised now... You could teach your fish to work the lights... Alexa, Blub blub...

I think teaching my frog to do it would be easier since he is really good at croaking.

The sockets are all normal, but they aren't always in the places I want them. Aquariums tend to have a lot of things to plug in. Fortunately most use very little electricity.