Watchin the EEG and EKG go by. Sweeping by like our days. Lets stay young and roll slow.

in #sleeplast year


Paycheck to paycheck, week by week. Take it a day at a time. I am now 36 years old, a month away from my 37th. Sucks. Although better to be older, then to be dead.

At work i have the usual 2 patients. Both with sleep problems and here to get tested. So i am that man, to do the test. To do the setup.


And setup i shall.

At this moment of course the 2 patients are already setup, and i am here watching, making sure things are running smoothly. In case someone has to get up and pee, ill be ready to go unhook them quickly.


(Older picture above im recycling, yup, sue me) Well hopefully not for hipaa violation, theres no personal data shown, just the data itself. The picture i took little while back. Screw it, lemme throw a fresh one up.


All i know is that time is not waiting for us. Whether we are here to enjoy sharing pictures, ideas, or financial incentive. We have to keep it going.

I would like to travel more, and see the world. To have a beer in all the cool places. To have a date with some beautiful ladies outside of the U.S, where im stuck at. Maybe its not so bad. Work is work, im doing my time. Just hoping to get more financially free sooner, than later.

And so im grinding within a grind. Doing my duty to post on our beloved Hive, but also grinding hours in the real world and trying to emjoy it all.


Have a great day.

The first time I saw my future Wife was at the local Zoo.
I just knew she was a keeper.

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I have not !LOL enough. Lets keep rhe party rockin.

What's green and sits in the corner?
A naughty frog.

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What a down to earth post! :)
We are all writing the chapters of our lives! Am 34 now and turning 35 in a month hehe!

Thanks man, yeah, lets slow time down. We are still young. Speaking of chapters, i owe it to catch up on your posts. Your the chapter boss !LOL

I know my wife loves it when I tickle her
She laughs while I'm tickling and is angry at me when I stop.

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Not such a positive post, today, my friend... Head up and here are some !hivebits

Thanks my friend. Trying to lift my spirits best as i can. Lets keep running on the path of life like champs.

That's a beautiful line !LUV

Looks like you do a great and important job mate!


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ah vel lol!

I appreciate the good words as always Bullbro. Yeah, ironic situation where i speak of good sleep, while im up all night lol

Lets help get you enough pizza to use the bot, its fun.


I feel you brother, grind and keep it going on Hive is just the way I like it as well.

Hopefully we are free financially soon!

Lets keep the debts low bro. Thats my biggest mistake, is taking too much debt. Keep our spending down for little while too. Thats the mission man, thanks for your help and good words.



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