Back at da lab, the mysterious Quack. Crypto duck and the Sleep Saga .

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Here I am, on the road again. Back at my 2nd home, my workplace. Although it has been good to me for 10 years. Still, i feel a little broken and beaten, as it has been 10 years of working at night. The Ol Graveyard shift.

So I am a shell of a man, a skeleton. A picture in life, a short movie in the grand scheme of the universe. I am a figment of your imagination, as my picture and words grace your screen. For that though, i am blessed.

So i must continue on. Only 1 patient for me, so it should be an easier night, and cant complain too much about it. The mission to slay debt and free myself from some of the shackles that has been placed, is still in effect.

Let me get my supplies ready....


  • some wires, electrodes, but need more supplies


  • added measuring tape, adhesive tape, gauze, paste, and prep.

Now its time to go and setup my patient which will take about 30 mins.



  • a sip from the duck mug....cheers

  • time to check my signals


  • hmmm, looking ok i suppose

  • lets do a bio cal, and officially start the study.


  • Now its time to relax for a moment and to finish this post.



  • Hive is holding nicely above $1.00 dollar, backing off a little from the $1.20 area. A daily candle chart above...lets look at the weekly candle (below)


  • On the weekly, still looking ripe for a possible continuation of bullish momentum. This little selloff was needed to balance things out. As long as overall markets do well, given global circumstances, then hive may continue to build upwards slowly but surely.

  • We shall see, but let us rock on.


Hey Cap

Nice to see you still on the march, when I saw the tray I thought "oh your instruments of torture look boring compared to mine hahahaha"

Hive has been doing nicely, $1,24 was most welcome 😄

Hope you have a good day.

Thanks for stopping by to say whats dear. Sorry i may have missed some of your posts, hard to keep up with the feed sometimes.

You do work in medical?

Sorry I haven't been passed your blog much, but thought I'd stop in and see what's happening. Yup, I know life happens, it's all good.

Lol, no I don't work in medical I was just joking about the instruments of torture.

Hope you have a nice Thursday, it's almost weekend 😁


Got you lady, thats cool though, i appreciate it. You keep rockin, ill go catch up on your posts now. Its already friday now, but lets slow it down. Day at a time, screw the weekend lol.

Hive is holding nicely above $1.00 dollar, backing off a little from the $1.20 area.

Currently it is $1.01 USD. The price of the Hive decreased -9.64% in the previous 24 hours.

What do you think? Will it go (much) below $1 USD in the next few days?

I think the long term chart is still healthy, but it can surpise us easily. It has been a long time since a good old fashioned bear market. I think its due, little scared for it to see our values drop, but its definitely possible. Although at the same time, the elites and such, may want to stablize markets at all costs, to save their own asses lol.


Keep going without stopping. !LOLZ !PIZZA

Sometimes we must stop, just to smell the roses for a moment !LOL

I was fired from the keyboard factory yesterday.
I wasn't putting in enough shifts.

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How do you look for Will Smith in the snow?
Just follow the fresh prints.

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keep rockin.
Have a great day.

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What is black and white and red all over?
A penguin with a sunburn.

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Looks like a setup for an ECG?

Yes sir, Relf sir. Its little bit of everything actually. Breathing, ekg, eeg, oxygen, snoring. Been my bread n butter past 10 years.


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