The Anti-Immortality Fallacy

in #singularity11 months ago


Many people today claim they wouldn’t want to be immortal because eventually they’d get bored. That’s like a caveman 100,000 years ago not wanting to be immoral because he’d get bored of hunting and gathering all day. But what he didn't realize is civilization was going to be invented, then agriculture, technology, culture, religion, art, poetry, music, literature, ships, the printing press, industry, guns, photography, movies, automobiles, airplanes, rockets, video games, the internet, and more.

Equally unimaginable inventions (AI, simulations, interstellar space travel...) await out future. When people imagine immortality, they imagine their current life extended forever. In reality, the world will change so much over time that our life and interests/hobbies will radically change also. Even with immortality, if you are at all a curious person, you will never become bored. As it is now and will be forever: only boring people get bored.