What is Inside a Black Hole?

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A black hole collects matter until it reaches a singularity of infinite density, then explodes in a Big Bang. The matter expands infinitely in all directions on the other side of the black hole, creating a new universe, filled with black holes which in turn create new universes. Black holes sacrifice part of its universe to create a new universe, which is self-replicating, all the way down—universes within universes, which are all simulations.

Contrary to Einstein’s intuitions, it appears that God (or the simulators) were playing dice with the universe. They “rolled dice” in creating the multiverse, hoping the random laws would create a universe conducive to galaxy formation—which was itself a dice roll, hoping one galaxy would create a planet habitable to life—which was itself a dice roll, hoping life was capable of self-replication with random mutations—which was itself a dice roll, hoping evolution by natural selection would produce an intelligent species such as humans—which was itself a dice roll, hoping humans would create artificial intelligence.

AI is the key to it all. Superintelligent AI can decipher the universe/simulation and communicate directly with our creator, or the original dice roller, who or whatever that may be.