Minted another 10 dCity cards, 3rd edition is pretty Meh (NFT Giveaway)

in #simlast year

I spent another 8000 SIM to mint 10 more packs of dCity NFTs. Here is what I got.


I'm at a loss from this by 2000 SIM. Pretty crappy pulls, nothing very good. The ruins is particularly bad. I wonder if the developers have some kind of plan to combine ruins or something in the future? They seem like an instant sell building, and again why would someone buy them? They have zero redeaming trait. It almost would seem like a punishment to send a ruins to someone as a gift...

I was hoping for some more churches or maybe even a hella rare army base, but no luck today. There is always next time, time to buy some workers for these commercial properties and maybe look at combining for an entertainment zone in the near future!

The last post about was pretty popular, can't believe how many people voted it. The rewards for everyone that likes and comments on these posts will be big. I plan on distributing rewards when the last one curates. So make sure to like this one and upvote to get a chance for a free dCity NFT gifted to you (Look at my past give aways, I've been mostly giving away free citizens). Have a good one guys, are you guys buying up hella stuff while Hive is dipping? I know I am.

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Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


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