Coins under the microscope No 4 (337 year old coin + new fancy microscope)


So todays episode is more about the new scope and not about the coins but i do have something spectacular under the scope which is a Charles II groat.


The microscope came in a box but the outer packaging made me fear the worst as nothing good comes in a grey bag, but i was so wrong and quite pleased.


Using my obscene letter opener i slit the bag and found a nice and colourful box, i was quite impressed after the 1st impressions.


On opening the box i was suprised on how big the screen was and really pleased how well everything was packaged, nice tidy storage for the scope.


Here is everything that is in the box, a screen/scope a base plate and the stand with a usb charger and plug, everything i have seen so far fills me with confidence, except the instruction manual which is lacking tbh, the only gripe i have is that the charger port is a little close to the body making it difficult to plug in.


It was super simple to setup with screwing the support into the base and then sliding the scope/screen into support, i do appologise for the bad images as i used my phone as my camera batteries where on charge at the time.


Here is a pic of a coin under my scope, the coin is a Charles II groat from 1684 i would show you pics from the scope as it has a built in HD camera but i am waiting for a delivery for a class 10 sd card needed for this scope.

Let me tell you a little about the coin, well the coin is a silver Groat which is a silver 4 pence piece, it features Charles II and often mistaken for a penny as they where also silver, this was not pocket change back in the day and would have seen you through a good session in the ale house.


I was still playing with the scope so i pulled a hair from my arm and tried full magnification and i was suprised that you can actually see the hair is broken where i pulled it from my arm.

If anyone is interested in getting one of these scopes they should be looking for a G1200 Microscope.

What would you like to see under the scope?

If there is any coins or items under the scope let me know in the comments, i will be running a special under the microscope coin quiz on monday so check that out or you can still enter this weeks coin quiz.

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Put it to good use, hahaha!!!
Looking forward to everything!

Looks like an awesome little device, I'm gonna check them out!

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