Development And Speed ​​of The Internet in Various Worlds

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The internet is now a global reality. Half the population on earth is affordable to the internet. The internet brings changes in all areas of life, including in democracy. How does the face of internet users in the world? The number of internet users worldwide is increasing.

Data released by VIA in August 2019 shows the number of internet users currently touching 59 billion, with a 61.9% penetration of the total world population. That is, more than half of the world's population of internet users. This figure has increased by 0.6% since June 2019. 52% of global internet users access this global internet accessing the internet from Web sites. The rest comes from Mobile devices, such as Smartphones, with a total of 54%, Tablets 5%, and other devices 0.1%. Then, who is the biggest internet user in the world?

Asians are listed as the largest internet users in the world. 49.7%, followed by citizens in Europe 17%, Latin America 10.4%, Africa 10%, and North America 8.2%. There is also the smallest is a citizen in Australia, only 0.17% of internet users there. China is the country with the most populous country in the world transformed into a country that holds the most online population on a global scale. With a population of 1,388 billion, 7,38.53 million, including internet users.

This is the biggest internet contributor country in Asia, even though China is known as a strict country with internet usage, and social media made by the United States, and European countries.

Last year in 2018, there were 721.4 million internet users in China. Chinese citizens tend to access the internet through mobile devices. In 2018 there were 656 million Mobile internet users, with a percentage equivalent to 92.5%, of the total internet users of this bamboo curtain country. The experts predict internet users in China, able to touch the number 1 billion users in 2022, or 2023 to come.

At present China faces a number of citizens who are addicted to the internet.

India, the number two highest user country in the world. But if you look at the population of India, which is 1,342 billion people, only 462.12 million people can access the internet. But the number has increased tremendously. In 2015 India began to shift America as the second world internet user. It only took India a year to increase the number of internet users, from 300 million to 400 million. Unfortunately internet users in India, more than 70% are male.

Most Americans access the internet through DESTOK, or their laptops. And the world is currently facing globalism in global internet governance, which is managed, which is controlled by one country, namely America. American companies, you name it Aple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, master global computerization and digitization.

On the one hand, this is understandable because Americans have invented the internet, and have struggled to develop it since 1960.

On the other hand digitalization has an impact on lifestyle changes in various countries. Indonesia is ranked fifth in the internet users. There are 132, 70 million internet users, out of 263.51 million citizens. And Indonesia is one of the fastest growing markets. Internet users in Indonesia grew 51 in one year. This figure is the largest in the world, even far exceeding the global average growth of only 10%.

Note Google search volume, through Google grew 43%. This means that browsing on the internet has expanded. The number of active Youtube users as of June 2018 is 50 million. While Facebook has 40 million active users.

Under Indonesia there is Japan. In 2019 internet users in Japan grew to 118.45 million, compared to last year's 15.1 million. But internet presentations in Japan, already more than 90%, exactly 94%. Internet speed in Japan, number 4 in Asia Pacific in 2016, which is 19.6 Mb.Ps. while ranked as one of the speed of the internet in Asia Pacific, there are South Korea, in Hongkong, and Singapore.

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