Homeland Security Says These Strange Cubes Are Coming To Your Neighborhood

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Which is a good thing. They haven't given much press to these installations and most people have no clue what they are. They're actually very powerful electricity sources which have been dubbed Liquid Electricity Cubes.


Everyone knows the U.S. has been engaged in a cyber war for several years and our infrastructure and electric grid have been under attack since 2016. Quite a few hacks have been successful too.

Homeland Security admits they believe Russia has the ability to shut down our nation's electric grid. The grid is pathetically out of date. Most components are anyway, including rusting, 40 year old transformers, towers and rickety old parts.

China and North Korea have also hacked into some of our power stations and the threat is growing. There's supposedly a program to harden the grid but it's taking forever and it's hard to get electic companies to spend billions on upgrades for some reason. lol.

Liquid electricity cubes to the rescue

The weakness of the grid has become a national security issue so Homeland Security was tasked by the Administration to find a fix and fast. The cubes are actually a Reagan era initiative that was never implemented.

So the development of these units were fast-tracked and are now being placed by key infrastructure buildings and areas such as the New York Stock Exchange(gotta protect that 264 billion dollar a day trading), the Social Security office to keep those checks coming, many military bases(including Fort Bliss, Texas) and all the important stuff, you know what I mean.

They can also be scaled up to provide huge amounts of power:


Now, in case a power station goes down, the cubes have enough power to kick in and supply the juice needed, for as long as needed. They use Vanadium ions and circulate water through cells to get charged, hence the name liquid electricity.

They supply the electricity but can also recharge at the same time they are outputting so there's no down time to recharge. They also last 25 years before wearing out.

Lithium batteries lose half their power in just 3 years so this is a big improvement. In fact, they're being developed for commercial buildings and homes.

Here's a diagram in case someone is curious:


The Feds actually did something right

It's pretty incredible really. Of course I'm sure the companies are charging ten times what it should cost but still, it's a great thing for national security and the innovation and development which it has stirred will soon give homeowners another power option also.

President Trump just signed an Executive Order to fast track the mining of our own vanadium because currently we don't have any here but now several mines are opening up.

Europe is also putting these cubes in at key locations too so I'm sure it'll be spreading to your country where ever you are. Pretty much takes away the theat of a grid shutdown. Hopefully the cubes are hardened against an EMP attack.


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Here's some more good news. Researchers at MIT using AI computers just discovered a major new anti-biotic that kills the worst disease-causing bacteria.

As you know, the anti-biotic resistence of diseases has become a crises but with this new one and others that will be discovered with AI and Quantum Computing they're gonna get ahead of this problem.

There are so many great things happening in all areas of society that the future looks very bright indeed. I think I'll do a post about that.





Can always count on you for some good information! Thanks for sharing!

Howdy sir simms50! Well they're only putting these in at the important locations so it might be awhile before they make it up there. lol...just teasing! It's a great technology though and one which is gonna change alot of things plus give us some insulation from catastrophic losses if the grid gets knocked out.

HEY HEY!!! Watch it now! LOL!

Hey, that is interesting as all hell. Thanks my friend!!!!!

Howdy squirrelbait! You mean I knew about something before you did? wow I'm impressed. lol. Now you're gonna go and find out they're doing something scary along with supplying the power. Like listening or spying stations or something.

I mean, if they get these in everyone's neighborhoods then no one will suspect them to be used for anything else. But if not....then see, the government CAN do something right! lol.

Yes my dear friend. You beat me to the info on this one!!!!!!!!!!! This is new info to me which is why these platforms are valuable to me.

LMAO!!!!!!!!! seriously LMAO. Naturally, I will investigate this when I have time. Of course! Continuity of government and societal control I get. But yeah, why let us have the security of energy. You know how I work for sure. Yup, I want to know if there is a secondary function. Oh you know it my dear friend. Otherwise I will happily give our government, energy sector, and tech companies the credit they deserve.

I even printed off your post so I don't forget to look into this and for the info you provided.

Yeah, like when I searched for some good photos of the cubes they brought up all these different companies which I don't research but you would go and find out that Soros or someone owns them! lol.

Once these boxes are established beside every important building and community in America that would be tempting for someone to utilize them unsuspectingly!

LOL. Yup. Be a detective and follow the money.
Det SB.jpg

lol! That's perfect!

Are they immune to EMP's? Just curious.

Howdy sir bozz! Yeah I was curious about that too. I'm sure they are but I couldn't find any mention of it in the articles I read. They'd have to be. Surely. Now I'm gonna go see if I can find that out. Thanks for the question and for commenting!

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Howdy esteemapp! Thank you for the upvote and the great platform!

Sounds like a great idea to have backup if a grid gets knocked out. With all the strange weather patterns who knows what might happen.

Howdy redheadpei! That's a great point. It could be weather just as much as a hacking job that takes out sections of the grid.

I seen this story and I knew it was right up your alley....you are going to love it, can't wait to see if you decide to do one of your so unique write ups on it.


Howdy today sunlit7! Holy cow! lol...that is astounding. Never seen anything like it. I'll do a post about it if you don't want to, or we both can. Either way I'll give you credit for finding this! Dang.

These things are your specialty, I say go for it and you are more than welcome to attribute a finders note to me if you like.

Ok, I'll see if I can throw something together about that amazing anomaly!

Hi janton, I like positive things like this. It is far too easy for pessimistic doomsday energy to circulate. There is so much going on behind the scenes that need to remain quiet. We just need to trust don't we?

That is true in many cases. An ex Navy Seal soldier was doing an interview and he said they had stopped so many terrorist attacks against America but no one knew about it. And there are many ways like with this energy story that they are keeping us safe. I know it's the same in your country too.

Yes, you are so right. The government gets criticised a lot here in Australia too. But I know there is secret squirrel business happening.

Janton, do you know what the red numbers in brackets are all about?

"secret squirrel business" lol...what red numbers are you referring to, you lost me. lol.

I think it is the scammers - but @hangin has red brackets and a red number one on his profile and that I don't understand.

Oh I see that now, I just went to his blog, I have no idea what that is but I'll ask him what it's about, thanks for pointing that out!

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Well howdy there steem-ua! Thanks so much for the upvote!

Which is why I still would like to be a crazy hermit, living off the grid deep in the woods, with solar, wind, and geothermal to power my zombie-proof bunker! lol

It may get to the point where we all need to have our own backup systems. If WW3 breaks out, though, taking down the civilian electric grid will probably be the least of our worries.

The least of our worries? You mean you can live without the internet??? lol.

Do you want to actually be off the grid someday sir fotosdenada? I think that's a very interesting plan. At least have a place to go to that is off grid.

Interesting 👍

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