Michigan Bitcoin Investor Still On The Run Over Seasteading Controversy

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Both Nadia Thepdet and Chad Elwartowski were reportedly attempting to live out their libertarian dream by seasteading in an area that the couple says was just outside of Thailand's territorial waters.

By living on their own island they were reportedly attempting to help pioneer the seasteading movement; a move which country officials say violated their sovereignty.

Their floating home (pictured above) was raided back in April of this year and has since been dismantled.

The couple went on the run as they were allegedly facing the death penalty or life in prison for their actions.

Following the altercation with the government, Elwartowski allegedly wrote on his Facebook page that this was exactly the reason someone might want to go live in the middle of the ocean so as to escape government, but that post has since been removed.

All of their possessions were lost when officials raided their home.

Their seasteading floating home was reportedly built by OceanBuilders, both Chad and Nadia were reportedly members of the OceanBuilders group; a company that builds seastead homes.

Recent news reports suggest that no legitimate progress has been made so far in detaining the two, though a meeting with several high-ranking government officials has been held on several occasions to discuss the matter.

It's now alleged that officials will be looking to investigate the boatyard where the seastead was built, as well as the OceanBuilder organization itself.

For now, they are living in fear daily though they allegedly claimed around May that they were safe and in hiding. They have also posted on social media in June that they've gotten married.

It's also been reported that the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok has allegedly been providing assistance to the couple.

Though they might have lost everything, Elwartowski insists that he and Nadia accomplished their goal of officially becoming the first seasteaders and they are hoping Thailand drops the charges as Nadia hopes to eventually return to her family and son there.


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I think they made great headway in demonstrating the true nature of the state.
Everyone who's ever told me, 'If you hate the government so much, why don't you go off and live in the wilderness', now has to admit that there is no escape.
That just trying to be free will have you hunted down and executed.

Hi @Doitvoluntarily im sorry to be off topic but the reason I’m texting you it because I was so surprised when I checked your steem wallet, I was surprise to see that you have powered down this much, if I may ask are you selling all your steem and you don’t believe in the blockchain anymore or you powering down to store your funds somewhere safe? The reason why I’m asking you this it because you the one who used to inspire me to stay on steem but now I’m slowly demotivated..what going on guys?

who said I was selling all my steem?🤔👍😉you stayed on steem but you rarely post? 2 months ago? why not post more?😜

They're doing it wrong. Next time just spend the money on a boat that doubles as a house. Float along. If someone asks. "The motor won't start." Then when it starts. "OMG it's a miracle. You've saved us!" Drive away... then float along again.

That what we used to do with our trucks 😂

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This is how you do it ^

Until the storms come.... LOL!

Haha oh so brutal! lol

These 2 are great, I have been checking out what they did, people are already seasteading but yeh, not so extravagantly as that 100k usd floating home 😂 go visit Coppenhagen in Denmark and go see my freak friends with caravans floating on the sea hahaha.. Ok they are not in national waters but just saying people are already doing it 😊

Aaaand then theres that English guy off an island in mexico, who has made a floating island all from trash, he has even got soil and trees growing.

True lovers of freedom will be sea steading. It dawned on me last year that I will also be pushed to living on the sea even though I dont like eating fish 😂

There is a flame that shall never burn out!

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Well, aquaponics enables plenty of other food to be grown. Instead of using tilapia or prawns to enrich the solution for the plants grown, chickens or rabbits equally serve.

"...that English guy off an island in mexico, who has made a floating island all from trash, he has even got soil and trees growing."

Can you provide a link to this guy's story please?


Just seeing what replys are here but dont have the time right now to be sociable 😂 it shows on pootube if you search "floating trash island mexico" he is a legend!

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Happy travels bro.

Good Lord on so many levels!

Another shocking example of government overreach I hope they stay free and safe till this matter gets resolved.

Ah, the myth of just law. So easily refuted. All you have to do is escape the clutches of thugs justified by the actual legal codes to see how those codes are nothing but clever manipulations of the conscientious by the pathological. Were there any such thing as just government and impartial courts, the couple would be due compensation for the tortuous and criminal theft of their property from the high seas.

How much you wanna bet no such recompense is forthcoming?