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There are reasons to believe that since the dawn of our history earth is being continuously visited by the extra-terrestrial beings.
Beings far more powerful and advanced technologically.
Over the ages known by different names, they all possessed miraculous attributes and were usually deeply involved in our world. The knowledge of them survived in myths and stories left to us by our ancestors.
Hopi Indians have rich alien mythology, straight forward, calling them man from the stars

Magic, Dragons and what not...

Until recently we couldn't really take these accounts and descriptions seriously, it was all against the things we knew about the mechanics of the world we live in. Control over the elements? time and space? Flight? Resurrections? Control of the weather and earth seismic activity? Genetic experiments and hybridization?
This all sounds like high level wizard spells from an RPG game.
RGP Game with magic spells

However, over the last decades, we've gotten ridiculously close to taming many of these powers ourselves.
This, by the concept of convergent evolution, is a proof of it's own that it's possible that an intelligent race could've achieved this level of development.
I mean seriously look at some of our technology... the stuff we've already built:
Manned drone
Flame Thrower
Computer Processor
Space Station
Fusion Engine
Tesla Coil Gun

I bet even people of our times would have difficulties in describing properly in detail, what's going on in these pictures.
Then without having our modern understanding, it's impossible to accurately describe such events at all, not without over-use of very metaphorical language in addition to literal descriptions where possible.

That's why there is truth and metaphors weaved together, for there was no vocabulary or understanding of propulsion, aerodynamics, material science, electricity and other forms of energy, gravity and many other concepts and discoveries necessary to come even near understanding what is scientifically happening.
These accounts are the best the people could do at the time and we should be thankful and respectful not ridicule and laugh at them.

For a perspective let me describe some of our technology in this simplistic way and let's see how much it resembles the real thing - we tamed the power of thunder to create light and warmth in our homes. We use special our artifacts, miraculous objects, that can feed of the power of thunder to produce a range of astonishing results. We have thick rods, columns as thick as trees made of the core of the mountains that can be pointed in any direction and blast it with the fiercest fires of a volcano. We've got crystal-powered magic mirrors that can allow us insight to endless knowledge existing in another dimension.

  • I was of course talking about electricity, electric powered devices, gunnery and arms and quartz-crystal powered computer devices with access to the internet.
    The account is true, but the uneducated description makes it sound fantastic, or so we were brainwashed to believe. The modern establishment at some point managed to convince us that everything in our legacy, the things that our ancestors most cared for are just a wild fantasy and we should forget tens of thousands of years of our verbal history in favor of the couple of guys who started writing their version down and eventually made laws of what's possible and what's not, called science.

Now we know science's wrong. Over and over again. Each time it eventually gets corrected, but how many times until it's critically wrong and we end up blowing our planet up in an "impossible reaction" or be misguided away from something that could be fundamentally important to our development as a species. Beyond materialist world?
I don't say let's turn away from it, but we've got to realize this is just another way of theorizing and it's not definitive of life in any way. Be more reserved to choosing the stance, more curious and open minded to all reasonable ideas. It's fine if we just don't know and everything is possible. That's the magic of life, maybe it's time to re-remember.
Door to the Unknown
I see the revelation as purpose, not just hype. A new chapter of life has opened for us and we should go and explore it without negativity, doubt. We also shouldn't trust anymore the people who lied to us for so long and have never really meant to stop.
I really wish this to be a beginning of a New Age, where nobody remains a sheep in the herd.
We don't need to forget what we already know, but we need to be open minded and be ready to change some things.

And likely the stories of religions are among these things, the knowledge present but misunderstood.
We have a common history with Them, described by myths and religious stories, and passed on by generations for their importance, let's decipher them.

How real were the Greek and Roman beliefs of Olympains? The Angles and Nephilim of the Bible? Egyptian Neter? Sumerian Annunaki? Asgardians? Or any of the Vedic deities?

How strange it is that all the human civilizations had these, essentially analogical figures, and even stranger that the academic so close minded oppressed anyone who wanted to investigate these correlations seriously.
Luckily it's beyond anyone's control now, this current of knowledge broke a huge dam and is pouring into our global awareness, nourishing long planted seeds of history with new anticipation and confirmation.

In this series I will look at how different religions pictured the aliens and their role on earth and with humans. Make distinction between the One God and the gods and prove it through examples from across the board.

Next episode Bible Angels and Nephilim.

Stay tuned if you want to learn your legacy.
We're all in this together. #StellarAlliance


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