Implications of UAP disclosure on UFO whistle-blowers

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In September 2019 the US Navy spokesman confirmed the existence of the UFO encounter videos in an exclusive interview with, two months later New York Times brought the story to the mainstream attention. All other media outlets followed.

We're finally marking the era in which we acknowledge the fact that we are most likely not alone in the universe

The leading scientific theory at the moment is that these crafts are of extra-terrestrial origin, an intelligent life far superior technologically than us.
The UFO got re-branded to UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, a bold PR move on the side of the army and intelligence agencies. Just change the name and act like you're speaking about something new, so people won't realize you've been lying all the time - that seemes to be the strategy.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's been almost a 100 years that people had very powerful experiences and were being denied belief because of the propaganda. People said " there are UFO out there we're not alone", some said "I was taken, I'm traumatized" and the government was like "we don't know shit, you don't know shit, in fact you're crazy and you should by stigmatized".
And the society readily lynched, ridiculed and criticized (the same trick was used with Chemtrials, when they got re-branded to Solar Reflective Particle Spray and publicized).

Many HEROES came out bringing this revelation to humanity ahead of our time

10, 20, 50 years ago, they were ostracized in more dramatic cases stripped of their ranks, expelled from the academia and faced with many other repercussions.
The very least we can do now, in face of this new shift of paradigm, is to take these guys seriously and re-listen to everything the had to say.
I'm speaking of people such as:

  • Stanton T. Friedman - a nuclear physicist investingating the Roswelt incident
  • Jean-Pierre Petit - a retired senior researcher at CNRS, the largerst fundamental science research organization in Europe
  • Nick Pope - who worked for British Ministry of Defense between '91 and 93' investigating UFOs
  • Bob Lazar - the man who really brought exceptional facts on UFO research out to public, a nuclear scientist who worked on attempts at reverse-engineering alien technology captured by the CIA near Area 51

These people are just a handful of extremely credible people, who risked their careers, being labeled as outsiders and freaks in their disciplines. They've brought us the amazing knowledge they believed they were obliged to share.

Let's look at this passage from an article about Orfeo Angelucci (1912 - '93) - one of the more interesting cases of self-proclaimed contactees from the fifties:
"These superhuman space people were handsome, often transparent and highly spiritual. Eventually Angelucci was taken in an unmanned saucer to earth orbit, where he saw a giant "mother ship" drift past a porthole. He also described having experienced a "missing time" episode and eventually remembered living for a week in the body of "space brother" Neptune, in a more evolved society on "the largest asteroid", the remains of a destroyed planet, while his usual body wandered around the aircraft plant in a daze"

If this sounds unlikely to you, consider the fact that their crafts moves against our understanding of the laws of physics means anything what we consider impossible can be wrong.

One way or the other there appear to be some kind of sapiens species out there. If we consider the Earth our mother planet and the Universe our father, these are our step-brothers. I want to know more about them, and not for defense purpose either. They're just fascinating.
So for the lack of better resources, until I get to meet them in person, I'm going to continue reviewing what we have available trying to piece some of these bits together.

I want to make it very clear however that it the fact of consideration, doesn't mean that I fully believe each of these claims, but I think in the face of the current situation, it's more than worthwhile to be doubtful of own doubts

In the next post I want to get a little bit closer to the aliens themselves, by sourcing in-person encounter descriptions and some leaks from the governmental officials.
Tall White Grey Alien

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