Corona Virus Hits Nigeria: Is the Required Technology Available?

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Following the recent news, hopes of Corona Virus not reaching Nigeria has been shattered as China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 disease has been incapable of containing the disease.


According to AlJezeera and other news agencues, as of the 27th of February 2020, Nigeria became the very first sub-saharan nation to have recorded a case of the fast-spreading and highly contagious COVID-19 disease - Corona Virus.

The virus which was first discovered in China since January has been widely spread to nearly 50 countries of the world recording many deaths and infections. More so, the virus has been confirmed in other African countries like Egypt while Italy is the worst hit European nation recording a death toll of 17 persons and infected persons increasing by more than 200 to 350ref.

From reports, so far over 80,000 persons from nearly 50 countries have been affected by the virus and close to 2800 killed as a result.

Furthermore, the virus is said to have landed Nigeria as a result of an Italian citizen who visited the country on a business trip. The Italian who travelled out of the country returned to Nigeria on the 27th of February 2020 and landed in the city of Lagos. Lagos State happens to be the most populous city in Nigeria.


As a control measure and following the rate of infections in Italy, the Italian was being immediately transferred to the Lagos State Biosecurity Faculties for the purpose of testing and isolation. As further reported, the virus was then detected by the Virology Laboratory of the Lagos State University although the Italian showed no serious symptoms.

This has raised great concerns and Nigeria has to set up measures to hinder the spread of the disease. Lagos state is currently examining all those the Italian recently contacted for any case of infection being that the disease is highly communicable and contagious. As announced by the country's Minister of Health, the health team is currently in search of everyone he had a contact with on reaching the nation.

The presence of the virus in Nigeria has aroused great panic and fear from citizens in a very short while, however, it is normal to feel that way considering how deadly the COVID-19 is. However, the NCDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) have pointed out that there is no call for alarm rather everyone should try and stay safe and calm. More attention should be paid to respiratory and hand hygiene.

As a way of preventing the risk of contacting the virus and it's spreading, the following measures should be taken and noted;

  • Corona Virus is contagious and transmissible. It is an air-borne disease.

  • Wash your hands regularly with running water

  • Properly cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. Better still cough or sneeze into your elbow to avoid spread.

  • There is no need for self-medication. Once you experience certain symptoms, do well to visit a professional.

Does Nigeria Have the Required Technology?
Currently, Nigeria is lagging behind when it comes to medical advances and technology. Often times, citizens of Nigeria travel out of the country to places like China and India for medical attention that requires advanced technology. Looking at the situation of things, no one knows the fate of the nation assuming the virus spreads. If China, a more developed country could not contain the spread of the disease, how much more Nigeria.

Thus, it is pertinent that the country look into the development of the medical and health sector in the nation. Amenities, equipment and professional staffs should be made available.


The outbreak of the CONVID-19 disease has adversely affected many lives as well as the global economy and this is bad. Some countries have closed their borders, no going out or coming in, meaning no room for incoming businesses for now. The under-developed nations are those serious concerns and attention should be paid to as they tend to not possess the technology needed to contain or prevent this pandemic. However, let's be hopeful that a cure would be proffered sooner than later.


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May it not be true. I heard of the sum approved for the virus

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I hope the spread of this disease comes to an end as soon as possible because it is travelling at a very fast rate.

I hope so too. Too bad it's in my country

It is quite scary that this epidemic is already on all continents, except for the antarctic, I think we can expect a very uninviting panorama for nations with poor medical services and high levels of population in the population, who would then have deficiencies in their diet and would be more vulnerable to any disease and to die from complications with diseases.

Pray it doesn't come to your part of the world. It is not something favourable.

Yeah, countries with poor medical technology require more concerns. But it's best to apply preventive measures

So far I think that preventive measures have served a bit to reduce the spread of the epidemic, but I doubt they can stop it. I would like early detection teams in airports, seaports and borders to have more support and equipment that would allow them to better detect suspicious cases, but I don't think that happens in countries with poor resources and depressed economies.

Some countries are actually doing those check ups and it's helping though.

I believe it will be stopped

Can all this precaution even work in a country where people move around in packs and struggle to get on vehicles, I can only hope this is a rumour.

It's a confirmed case.

I do not think any under developed country can handle coronavirus for now, if china with all it's technological means and available funds could not control or tame it, then under developed countries are done for. it's best we take precautionary measures

I think this is the part where I start getting really scared right?

The goal is not to get you scared. It's just to let you know the current situation so you can know how to go about your daily activities.