COVID-19 is to Climate Change as the Cathedral is to Cancer

in #science10 months ago


COVID-19 is just like climate change, in that both are real, but the Cathedral (government, media, and academic elite) exaggerates the threat of each to obtain more state power and further their progressive agenda. COVID-19 exists—it is a real virus that can make people sick and even kill you—if you are elderly and/or have pre-existing conditions such as a compromised immune system. Otherwise, if you get the virus you may not feel any symptoms at all, and if you do, you will almost certainly recover (99.999%).

Likewise, climate change is real, and humans are contributing to it. The planet is warming and sea levels are rising—but not so much so that it will destroy civilization. Like with covid, only a small subset of the population will be affected. It is mostly undeveloped small island communities that are at the greatest risk from climate change. They may have to move, but for modern western civilizations, climate change will mostly be unnoticeable. We can easily adapt to the changing climate with technology. If you mention this (or the low-risk of covid) to leftists, they’ll go insane, appealing to emotions, not facts or logic. They claim to be "following the science," but they are actually cherry-picking the science that fits their agenda while ignoring (or downright censoring) the science that does not.

COVID-19 and climate change are problems that are real, but the greater problem is the government response to those problems. In both cases, the Cathedral wants to take away individual freedom and make your life worse “for the greater good.” In both cases, the government makes the mistake of having a blanket approach to the problem rather than focusing on those small communities most at risk. In both cases, they want to shut down businesses when instead they should be letting businesses free to help solve the problem. Because for them it’s not really about solving the problem but expanding their power.

The solution to both problems is technology and innovation, which is best created through the free market. But the Cathedral hates capitalism and are trying to destroy it. However, capitalism is the best hope to solve both COVID-19 and climate change. Neither covid nor climate change are existential threats to civilization—the true existential threat is the Cathedral and its expanding power through the State.