Robots will replace hairdressers? This invention from MIT can detangle the hair

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Women will appreciate a robot called RoboWig, which was created at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The device specializes in detangling tangled hair.

Lots of fair sexes spend a lot of time straightening and styling their hair every morning, and MIT scientists have a solution.

The RoboWig is actually a robotic arm that has been equipped with cameras and sensors.

Its attribute is the fact that it can be used by women as a personal hairdresser, thanks to which they will not need another person to deal with their hairstyle.

The arm is finished with a brush with soft bristles.

In the video you can see how the service offered by the robot works in practice: The robot is brushing the hair and at the same time constantly monitoring its position and the pressure of the brush itself.

In this way, there will be no situation where the activity ends with the removal of votes or their permanent destruction.

Not only that, the robot can sense that a person may feel discomfort.

Then the robot will adjust the scope of work to a specific person and conditions. Previously, tests were carried out on mannequins with wigs, but human volunteers will soon appear.

Scientists want to collect valuable data on the pain that can accompany detangling hair.

The idea is that the robot should carry out this activity in a very gentle but effective way as possible.

RoboWig will be dedicated to people with limited mobility, and it may even soon visit dog or cat hairdressing salons.


Amazing invention I must say

RoboWig will be a really cool addition to the ladies hairdressing lifestyles

I hope that they will test it on humans soon, so they will be able to do the necessary adjustment to suit us

Then we can rest assured that the RoboWig is safe to be used