Poles discovered an amazing star that pulses only on one side

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The research was conducted with the new TESS Space Telescope, designed to search for extrasolar planets by transit.

The instrument was launched into space to step up our efforts to detect Earth-like exoplanets faster, where life flourishes, while astronomers have stumbled upon a phenomenal object in their research.

It is a star called HD74423, which pulses only on one side due to the accompanying red dwarf.

Astronomers report that this is a very unusual binary with total eclipses.

The objects are located 1500 light years from Earth, and the star itself has 1.7 times the mass of our planet. The discovery of this system amazed the world of astronomy.

We have known theoretically for over 40 years that such objects can exist, but only now have we discovered one of them and finally confirm the theory in practice.

Pulsating stars are often discovered by astronomers, but not those that pulsate on one side only, and the responsible red dwarf draws material from HD74423 with its gravity.

As a result of this interaction, it takes the shape of a drop.

They pulsate every two days as the two stars orbit a common center of mass at that time.

Astronomers are confident that we will soon find more of these amazing objects in the abyss of space.