Radio Telescopes at Night

in #science2 years ago

Here are some promised photos as the continuation of the intereferometry post.

I won't bother you with all the big and fancy words, but rather just present you some dusk, sunset and dark photos and dishes.










And as I mentioned it previously, the whole array was there just for "me" - after some observation strategy training and hard lessons - we chose the direction of dishes just for some photoshoot. And instead of waiting I've got a short video of slewing.


Something about nighttime silhouette shots appeal to me. I like the first image the best. ✅

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Those are really cool shots. The color of the sky is amazing against the sihlouett of the dishes. The ones with the moon in them are neat as well. Very cool. Looks like a neat experience.

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I want to play with those dishes :D

Love the one with the dish that appears to be pointing at the moon. I´m sure it's pointed somewhere more interesting, though.

Amazing pictures, @svemirac :)

Reminds me of the early svemirac profile pic on Steem and Discord :p

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All the photos are very beautiful, but the photo in which the radio telescopes do not appear is striking.

In all cases, the sky that can be seen is so clean that it seems beautiful to me, but in that lonely photo it is where I clearly see the perspective of the lines that converge towards the orange point on the horizon ... simply beautiful, it's like to use it in a practical exercise for a drawing and painting school :)