How Mesenchymal Stromal Cells are retained in the lungs (scientific shitpost)

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Mesenchymal stromal cells (also called mesenchymal stem cells) is the name for a super heterogenous cell type that can be derived from pretty much any tissue. Bone marrow, umbilical cord, foreskin, teeth, you name it.

The cool thing about them (aside from the fact that I am spending at least 4 years of my life running experiments with them) is that you can take them out of a person, grow them in a dish until you have many more, and then transplant them into a patient with some kind of inflammatory disease or tissue damage.

Diseases that fall under this are, for example, graft vs host disease (bone marrow transplant starts attacking the patient), acute respiratory distress syndrome (it's ... what it sounds like, your lungs are having a really bad time), cardiac fibrosis (when that heart gets scarred), etcetera etcetera.

It's not really ripe for commercial use yet, probably because there is so much we do not know yet.

How you transplant them kind of depends on what your goal is. If you give them through intravenous injection, they tend to accumulate in the lungs. Which is great when you want to treat something in the lungs, and kind of shitty if you want to treat something in the pancreas.

On my quest to write a literature review for my PhD (oh, the joy of academia), I've run into a paper that investigates why the mesenchymal stromal cells accumulate in the lungs ( The short answer? They get stuck.

And now to share with you the first thing that popped into my mind when I read that:

Macrophage san.png

Thanks, I hate it too.

That's enough procrastination, see you all around!


I don't know what to think about the drawing...

It came to me while reading the paper and I was not able to continue with my review without drawing it. It's definitely cursed, and I thought a curse needs to be shared.

Worst of all, it ironically explains your post perfectly XDDDD

Isn't that what good science communication is supposed to do :P

Now all they, (you and the other scientist), need to do is figure out how to get them to get stuck on cancer cells in the lung, or stuck on scar tissue in the lungs and then kill or un-scar the bad parts.


So combining MSC with cancer can be a bit risky, as they can boost the cancer, although people are trying to optimise them for use in cancer therapy. And MSC for lung fibrosis (aka scarred lungs) are already a thing! There's even a phase 1 clinical trial for using MSC to treat COVID.

The main problem is that because they can be derived from so many different tissues and because there is not really a standard for how to grow/use them, it's a bit hard to predict how and if they work in a patient.

Standardization always seems to be a problem. Heck look at temperature readings around the world people still can not standardize Celsius or Fahrenheit as the reporting number for temperature. In Fahrenheit land 98.6 is normal for a body temperature, I have no clue what the standard temperature is for a body in Luxembourg or Egypt.

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