Bio-Synthetic Human Hybridization is here!

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It was always a mystery what reagent (transfection recombinant agent) was being used in the covid-19 gene delivery drugs to make the cells highly permeable within the body.

Now that we know graphene oxide is being used, It makes perfect sense to the beginning stages of the synthetic biological cellular system construction inside the human body. (Turning humans into robots via bio mimicking tech is easier than turning non living things into artificial living things) the diagram and blueprints to life can be transfused with synthetic technology that can be completely controlled through genetic engineering and biosynthesis using synthetic man made materials and wireless networking systems.


In general our minds as a collective needed a way to make sense of what's happening and when we say to the masses they are injecting microchips inside us that does not mean much and we laugh or ignore it. Some of us have tried to break it down in ways that "make sense to more people".

Many have been dumbstruck by the idea but now as we start with the building blocks of how this actually happens with the inclusion of lipid nanoparticles to start a slow but repetitive process of constructing motifs inside the body then using graphene oxide to create larger structures that can collect and absorb antigens, antibodies, exosomes and create bio synthetic receptors "communication system" and an artificial bio synthetic cellular system/matrix that mixes with our human organic biogenesis creation matrix we start to see the construction of the "biological microchips" within the body.


As crazy as this sounds, one way to visualize it is if you could imagine having a tiny smart device like a smart phone factory being constructed inside your body on repeat.

Imagine tiny artificial android bots joining together and populating your insides to communicate with other android devices inside and outside via wireless networks.

This is the start of a neurolink network of artificial Intelligence programming systems linking everyone together. We used to know this is how God operated within us but humans wanted to bio-hack this mechanism for their own agendas such as bio creation of crypto currency and creating a "hands free'' personal link to a digital world matrix and to simply have a more easy way to control human movements and behavior.

Now that it's more clear for some of you, some will detest this but others will support this. The important thing is that we are aware and able to choose how we live and exist during our stay in this reality.

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More Realated Information

Elon Musk has been pushing an upgrade to humans for sometime now. He believes humans must become hybrid to keep up with artificial Intelligence but I believe he is saying this to turn humans into the access/source nodes so that the programmers of the artificial Intelligence algorithms can use and control human products at will.

There is plenty of evidence to that fact already via DARPA and the security agencies working together to gain control of individuals' gene functions to limit their knowledge and truth within them.



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