Science Corrupted

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Science has become politicized and religicized. "Scientism" is an opportunity to invoke science as a cover. This has a distorting affect. For who? Who would want to politicize science? What are the motives?


Incentives - follow the money trail

Big Pharma

Dependence on Johnson & Johnson, Phizer, Bayer, Sinopharm, et al, increases, increasing their profits and power. These companies exert massive influence on politicians through lobbying and regulatory capture.

Big Tech

Increasing dependence on:

  • Software producers like Microsoft, Google, and Apple.
  • Product delivery monopoly Amazon.
  • Social media companies grow in dependence while censoring dissenting views to magnify the "authority" promoted by the entities who benefit from compliance with masks, vaccines, and increased government power.


Presidents, governors, law-makers, and other politicians receive packaged opinions and marching orders from Big Pharma and Big Tech, which coincide with also granting them more power over citizens, popularity, and increased federal funds.


Bring in research support money, usually from Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Government entities.

Mainstream media

  • Oligarchs' moral message is spread to manipulate public opinion, using the voice of entities like Greta Thunberg, celebrities, and politicians.
  • Exaggerated message of fear feeds human desire for drama.
  • Demonization of various connective behaviors such as handshakes.

Summary: the perfect storm

NGOs convert priorities of various oligarchs into political currency through the alchemy of "expertise" plus high moral posturing. The combination is the catnip of public opinion.

With the above moral message being delivered with such skill, repetition, and consensus, it is the rare and independently thinking mind that can resist. The message of fear is combined with a denunciation and demonization of those who disbelieve the narrative, question the new religious science, and fail to obey. These messages are often sculpted to - sometimes subtly and sometimes blatantly - [ironically] label these people as selfish, unintelligent, gullible, and close minded.

Where does it lead?

I'm an optimist, so I'll say "for now" in hopes of there being a swing of the pendulum back in favor of:

  • Logic, reason, and common sense.
  • Understanding of virology and immunology.
  • Knowledge of resilience to be gained from nutrition and exercise.
  • Distrust of mainstream media, along with rise of independent sources.
  • Resurgence of self-reliance.
  • Increased skepticism for the motives of Big Pharma and politicians.

If the above occurs, maybe we can get back on track and disentangle ourselves from this web that is enriching those mentioned above while crushing the economy, health, emotional resilience, and spirit of the average human.

The video


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