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The WRIGHT BOTHERS(ORVILLE AND WILBUR) is considered as the first premier aeronautical engineers in history.

The wright brothers are the first engineers to make a machine made from spruce and cloths in a form of two wings were one is placed above the other, a horizontal elevator attached on the struts of the wings and a twin vertical rudder(also known as stabilizers) are placed at the back of the wings with a 12 horse power(h.p) engine place at the top surface of the bottom wings. To the left of the engine lies orville wright at the bottom wing facing the cold wind. Behind him is a propeller driven my two chains and a pulley set up connected to the engine.

views of the wright flyer 1

The machine (also known as the Wright flyer1) begins to move along a 60meter launching rail above the ground.At the other side wilbur wright runs towards the right side of the flyer1(machine), giving help to the tip of the wings so as to not drag the sand. Near the end of the starting rail, the wright flyer1(machine) took-off into the air. The machine raises to about 10 feet then duck very fast towards the ground, this flight continues for about 12 seconds before it land to the ground, 120 feet from where it took off(lifted) from the starting rail. This flight was the first true successful flight in history.
John Daniels of the Kill Devil Life Saving Station took a photograph about 10:35 am on thursday, December 17, 1903 when the flyer 1 lifted to the air which is preserved for all time most historical moment in aviation history.

the heavier than air flight in history : the wright Flyer1 including wilbur wright at the controls, december 17, 1903.(National Air and Space Museum)

The Wright Flyer1 is preserved at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C in the Air and Space Museum.

Nevertheless, contrary to some people's perception , it was said that the Wright brothers did not invent the aircraft rather it was based on some old aeronautical research and development in which the wright brothers improved on.

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