Self-Organising Drugs via Self-Synthesis.

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I've synthesized a tasty drug load. Or have I?

LSD is a chemical which alters self-organisation of the brain. Many people have consumed it and self-organised new complex inventions such as the Polymerase Chain Reaction.
How do we develop such complex ideas? Or are they self-forming?

Consuming LSD has also self-organised in other people's minds concepts for new designer synthetic drugs.

Consumption of a third generation designer cocktail of synthetic drugs self-organised my brain to self-organise ideas for more advanced/complex cocktails, as well as leading to the synthesis of the drug load in the picture.

Via viewing the world through Self-organisational systems theory we can tap into "flow state" more readily.
We merge action and awareness as we become focused on the present. We experience the loss of space and time, with a loss of reflective self-consciousness. The loss of reflective self-conscioussness converts us into conduits of self-organisation where we maintain a personal sense of agency over the task at hand.

So do drugs self-synthesize themselves via interactions with our biochemistry, utilizing us as conduits and mechanisms to craft them?
We can view a birds egg (and its insides) as having a function/biochemical code of producing birds nests.
Of course, the egg makes the bird, which then makes the nest. Yet complex layering self-organisational mechanisms are at play tapping into more than just the genome and proteome.

It's not the DNA, it's the Eidos.

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Pretty cool to read some interesting articles back again after a long time

Thanks, I am getting back into the swing of things. Aided with delicious drug cocktails to keep me at over 9000%. I might be releasing health drinks soon if it all works ^_^