Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Treatment/Cure - World Exclusive

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I cured myself of IBS last year. The following is the theory behind my formula, and a brief scientific explanation for how it works.



Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a complex, functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by chronic abdominal pain or discomfort and altered bowel habits. Its underlying pathophysiology remains unclear. Inflammation may play a pathogenic role in IBS.
The intestinal mucosa is part of an intricate enteric immune system and is endowed with a large variety of immune cells. Exposure to food, pesticides, bacteria, parasites, and viruses may contribute to sensitization of the enteric immune system and activation of the inflammatory cascade.
The microbiome is thought to modulate inflammation and act either directly or indirectly through microbial metabolites.

Viewing the Disease as a self-organising dynamical system

To make any ground with this disease we need good modelling to understand it. I viewed it through the lens of a self-organizing dynamical system.

  • Self-organization refers to the emergence of an overall order in time and space of a given system that results from the collective interactions of its individual components.
  • Systems Biology is about seeking some clearer (conceptual and mathematical) models of dynamical systems at various levels of abstraction. These models, if carefully constructed, and systematically analyzed/simulated may reduce the gap between cellular biochemistry and physiology.

Insight is key

Through framing the disease as a self-organising dynamical system, it is easy to come up with reliable conceptual models.

The first stage of the disease is likely caused by an initial infection, or something else such as prolonged pesticide exposure (such as from glyphosate found in most foods) which leads to unhealthy formation of the microbiome and gut dysfunction.
Researchers have shown that enteric neurons are damaged in people with IBS. These neurons are damaged in places where Salmonella infection takes place in the gut, but not in areas where Salmonella infection does not occur.
The first stage of the disease is a microbiome imbalance caused by infection or something else, which damages the neurons/and or disrupts the microbiome.

Scientists at Yale and Harvard medical schools have discovered that, in response to bacterial invaders, nerve cells within the intestine — and not immune cells or cells lining the intestinal wall — release infection-fighting cytokines.
This recent research shows the importance of these enteric neurons in fighting infection and modulating the microbiome towards health.

With the neurons damaged they cannot release interleukin-18 and modulate the system, and bad bacteria settle in, leading to dysfunction, such as too much methane production (which down-regulates peristalsis and causes constipation).

Dynamical interactions of the Gut and Microbiome

We know that poo transplants/reestablishing the microbiome can repair the enteric neurons, and, if you repair the enteric neurons, the microbiome reestablishes itself.

The microbiome produces metabolites from the food we eat, such as pyruvate from starch. Pyruvate upregulates Nerve Growth Factor, which is likely one of the mechanisms of how the microbiome interacts with gut, via upregulating/activating the enteric neurons.

Peripheral nerve damage (throughout the body) can be repaired via upregulation of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).

My Enteral Formula

Most of the active ingredients upregulate NGF. I initially based the ingredients for it off of what the clinical studies were saying, not understanding how the interactions work. The research linked above explains it, as Nerves are key for modulating the microbiome. I also used some online bioinformatic tools to check structures of ingredients and look for similar chemicals for exponential effect.

I spent almost £1K designing this, and all I got was a functional gut system.



  1. Water, oil (I used extra virgin olive oil), magnesium, ascorbic acid (vit C), and Monosodium glutamate are added to pan

  2. Heat gently

  3. 300ml of Maple Syrup added

  4. More water added to make approximately half syrup half water

  5. Four large scoops of L-glutamine added and one scoop of creatine

  6. Heat to boil


.7. Maillard reaction (The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food its distinctive flavor)
In this formula it generates Flavonoids as well as other compounds which upregulate NGF and modulate microbiome.

.8. When the Maillard reaction begins add in two more scoops of L-glutamine (Alternative version: Also add a scoop of glycine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate).


.9. Towards the end of the reaction when everything is going brown/black, chuck in two scoops of licorice powder and two scoops of Siberian Ginsgeng

.10. Mix well and pour into container to cool

My Treatment Method

I consumed this delicious creation for two months on and off. I would eat some in the morning before food, and in the evening before bed. I probably consumed about 8 blocks. I ate two whole blocks in one go on separate occasions to test for safety. I wish I could buy these at the shop as they are delicious and a real treat for the gut.

A block

I avoided trigger foods such as most starches which I could not handle. Even a single pea would gas me up. I also avoided gluten, as enteric nerve damage probably causes the immune response to this.

It is important to control what you consume during the treatment phase, as the disease is a self-organising dynamical system. If I for example am repairing my enteral neurons but gassing myself up with methane from eating starch from peas, peristalsis will stop, and my gut function will start to fall back into disrepair.


After two months I began to see what I could eat, and I could eat anything. Kidney beans, peas, unripened bananas, to name some previous trouble makers.
I still have an immune response to gluten which I developed from this disease. The response is very minimal and barely noticeable, but it is there. Time has made it less severe and maybe eventually I will be able to handle large amounts of gluten again. I have a design to create some antigens to reset the immuno response to gluten, but that is a more scary experiment, as if it fails I will have several days of a terrible stomach.

Alternative methods

We have framework for the disease and multiple ways to cure it, such as poo transplants. Instead of making yourself my formula or hoping for it to reach the markets someday, here is a theoretical alternative:

Lion's mane, vitamin D, and niacin.

The above are easy to get. Lion's Mane upregulates NGF, and has been shown to do things like repair peripheral nerve damage in the brain, as well as make mice infected with lethal levels of Salmonella live four times longer, suggesting that Lion's Mane is a potential treatment alternative.
Vitamin D, and Niacin potentiate the effects of the Lion's Mane.

It might help in repairing the enteric neurons, but it may not address other matters of the self-organising dynamical system, preventing it from effectively setting the gut to healthy mode. My formula was carefully designed to feed the gut system, nurture it, and modulate the microbiome, but I believe in the potential of Lion's Mane.

Thanks for reading if you did. Feel free to ask questions. I have not run any clinical trials with my formula, so consider this all anecdotal, even though it is probably all right, or at least right enough to cure.
I was going to put the formula on the market, but the market isn't free.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover


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Wow! Awesome Story! Cool example and template for doing due diligence. Will be sharing with some mates who can use the Assist.

The Scientific common sense deduction process through a willingness to explore is the 'life cure' and 'secret recipe'.

Well done.

High Five!

Thanks! The main problem a lot of research faces is framing.
We already intuitively view cancers as self-organising dynamical systems due to the somatic evolutionary nature of the disease, and this allows us to intuitively fit research into developing our understanding, but we often fail to translate this self-organising dynamical system framing into treatments, aiming just to target one area at one time, and then wondering why the treatment failed as the dynamical system alters itself to maintain disease status.

Framing is a powerful psychotechnology, and hopefully it will be adopted across all complex "I don't know" diseases, such as Arthritis as one example of a disease that could benefit from the framing as a self-organising dynamical system.