[Share n Burn] New study in pre-print: Hydroxychloroquine may hold promise for COVID-19 treatment, but results are not definitive.

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More uncertainty, but a new randomized double-blind study out of Wuhan (still in pre-print) suggests that hydroxychloroquine may hold promise for treatment of COVID-19. Analysts warn, however, that methodological issues place limits on their ability to be confident in the drug's promise.

New Hydroxychloroquine Trial Still Leaves Questions


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...The Renmin study, which involved 62 patients, 31 of whom were given hydroxychloroquine, found that the patients who received the drug recovered about one day faster than patients who did not. Of the 62 patients, 4 developed severe illness, all of them in the control group.

But analysts who reviewed the study wrote in notes that key questions remain. 'While these pre-print data are interesting, we caution against over-interpreting,' UBS analyst Navin Jacob wrote on Tuesday..."


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