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As some of you may know. The bulk of my content, besides music, mostly has to do with subjects related to Consciousness, Awareness, The Mind, The Brain and all its derivatives like Perception, Attention, Wakefulness, Alertness, Reasoning, Equanimity, Synderesis, Sense of humor and a long etcetera of stuff like that.

And if you ask me and don't rush to judge hastily. I will tell you that indeed Consciousness and Awareness are actually two different and distinct things. A somewhat tangled and complicated matter that hopefully you will be able to understand and clarify a little better through the content that I have brought you here today if you are willing to click where you need to click and follow thru. Since this time I will not use my own words much to describe it but I will let others speak for themselves to explain it better. };)

«-Perception - Attention - Wakefulness-»

I choose not to attempt to describe the matter in my own words, because most of my written content is often somewhat cryptic and incomprehensible most of the time anyway. So, why bother if others have already said what I want to say in a clearer and more coherent way? ¿Huh? LoL.

However, let me at least babble this out in the quote below in my own words, regardless of the fact that English is not my native tongue.

Our thoughts, beliefs, sensations, perceptions, emotions, intentions, actions, experiences and memories are just a series of conscious, subconscious and unconscious processes that only occur inside of the human mind to create, recreate and deploy our reality. Our highly individual and particular own reality. What we could call "cognitive evidence" of our material existence.

Alright! Let's now allow the experts continue speaking.

"TrueNorth & Loihi"

Neuromorfic App

¡Theory of Mind!

¿Clear enough this concept?

¿Nope? too complex & confuse yet? Ok, let's add one more.

«-Computational Theory of Mind-»

¿Are your neurons starting to grind now?


Yep! lately a good number of my posts talk about these issues about consciousness, awareness, the mind, the brain, perception, attention, wakefulness, alertness, enlightenment, reasoning, equanimity, synderesis, knowledge, education and our ability to judge things correctly. And a lot of other things like these that we generally haven't had much success in figuring out and fully understanding them yet.

And maybe that's why I insist so much on continuing to touch on the subject. Since for me, it is an issue that I consider very important to understand and comprehend at the highest possible level. Especially in these days of extreme infoxication and confusion about human behavior. So, let me continue with other examples.

¿Is this BLACK enough?

Darker Than Vantablack

Is brain capturing consciousness like eye catches light? Well, in my opinion the eye catches light but it is only the brain the one that process it. Therefore, maybe the brain can create consciousness rather than catching it from some outer source.

Let's go balls deep in this!

Yup, that's right. The particular way in which we individually see and perceive colors, as well as the things that happen around us is what determines our intimate relationship with our inner world and our own life to recreate a reality that only happens within our own mind. Each one with their own mental spectrogram.

While undeniably real, the “experience of consciousness” or subjective awareness is precisely that; awareness. No more, no less. I've proposed that while consciousness is created by brain systems, it has no causal relationship with or control over mental processes. The fact that personal awareness accompanies the contents of the personal narrative is causally compelling. But it is not necessarily relevant to understanding and explaining the psychological processes underpinning them in the least.

And last but not least. Let us now approach the subject from the more esoteric point of view of Quantum Mechanics.

¿Consciousness Creates Reality?

«-'Abstract Aural Bit'-»

«-Mohs - Rosiwal - Knoop-»

Yeah! it's the #weekend. Isn't it?

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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