Money is created & grows only when it moves.

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For a lazy Sunday and according to your own personal opinion.

¿Would you reckon that this post should have been published on Leothreads or Dbuzz instead of on Hive?

Uhm, well, probably!

But for now don't rush too much to give me an answer. At least, not before you «click» on every spot where you must have to click in this post as to make your minds up and come to me later with a pretty witty reply.

"HaaS - DiY «-WEF-» Control - Ownership"

Cashless Society

"Low Birth Rates «-New Normal-» Economy"

¡Blob Power!

Physarum Polycephalum

Oh yeah, now let me ask you one last question before you dare to answer me:

¿What live organism with no brain, no neurons, no nervous system, no eyes, no ears, no arms, no hands, no feet, single-celled, 720 sexes and skills to heal themselves looks like the smartest & wittiest being on earth?

"Endless Growing"

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