We do need to make it abundantly clear that science does change and that's a good thing.

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When there's a new thing that pops into the world that's potentially dangerous, people are going to be racing into understand it and most of their original thoughts on the matter are going to be partly wrong and contradict one another.

Really, if we're ever in a situation where report says the same thing and continues to same thing for an extended period of time, that's when we should all be terrified. That would mean that the strangest thing in the history of science happened or we're already living in a dystopia.

Still, there are people who we should worry about. If Neil Ferguson were just dramatically off in his immediate IFR projections, there's nothing wrong about that. It's just that he keeps trying to find ways to double down rather than owning up to the mistake and putting down anybody who disagrees with him.

It's people like Ferguson and Fauci, who openly talk down to people who disagree with them, who create massive movements of people who are just looking for the highest authority to tell them what to do to feel safe under the "Trust the science" mantra and feel good about themselves when they get to call any dissenter "anti-science" and usually worse.

There are certain things that us plebes can do to navigate this. One, understand that there are prices on human life and have to be. We can actually count to ten, right? So, we can see that Ferguson's projection of over 8 wasn't 1. We can take a moment to see how people are behaving when challenged. We can also remember that there are different disciplines.

Finally, we can remember that philosophy, morality, and values shouldn't be compromised out of fear.