Is there any life beyond the earth?

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Is man alone in this vast universe, and is there a place in the trillions of planets and millions of galaxies, orbiting in infinite vastness, where there is a peer of man, and intelligent beings like him? This is the question that scientists and astronomers have been trying to answer for decades and billions of dollars have been spent on these projects so far.

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Many astronomers say that the earth has been receiving radio signals from different planets of the universe year after year, which they have neither been able to understand nor know where they are being sent from. However, they says that these signals are not being generated by an automatic process somewhere in the universe, but are being sent to Earth in the form of messages and of course, there are intelligent beings just like humans who send signals.

The universe is so vast that its limits are far beyond the scope of human knowledge and thought. Most of the planets in the universe are billions of light years away from our Earth. That is, even if man travels at the speed of light, it would take billions of years for him to get there, which is not possible at present.

Experts think that most of the planets whose light is reaching the Earth are those that have passed away millions of millions of years ago. But until the last ray of light from there completes its journey, they will continue to appear. Some scientists also believe that the signals may be coming from a planet that may no longer exist.

Astronomers have been trying for years to locate and better understand the signals from the universe, but so far no breakthrough has been achieved. However, most astronomers believe that there is a possibility of life in the universe outside the planet. They says that the shape of this life can be anything, it may be very different from the life found on the planet, it has a different meaning and it does not need oxygen to live.

Evidence of the presence of water on the moon has encouraged scientists who consider water to be an integral part of life. However, many scientists believe that the possibility of any form of life cannot be ruled out after the discovery of water.

The red planet Mars is not only the closest neighbor to Earth, but also the possibility of water presence, climatic and geographical conditions strengthen the possibility of life. For some time now, a specific rocky part of Mars, which experts have dubbed as 'Nili Fossae', has been the focus of attention of the experts. The rock formations found there bear a striking resemblance to the rocks in northwestern Australia from which evidence of early life on Earth was found.

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Scientists believe that the minerals found in Australia's oldest rocks and the combined properties of green blue moss and soil layers play a key role in shaping life, and similar rocks have been identified in the Nili Fossae region of Mars. This increases the likelihood that life there will be preserved in its original form.

The Nili Rock of Mars was discovered in 2008 and experts have been observing it ever since. Scientists estimate that the rocks are about four billion years old and contain carbonates.

Carbonate is a chemical compound formed by the combination of carbon dioxide in water and calcium, iron or magnesium. The compound is also found in the remains of the oldest living organisms ever discovered. Scientists believe that at one time all the water on Mars had acidic properties, which is a solid proof of the existence of life, or maybe it's still happening, no one knows. But maybe it won't take long for the mystery to unfold.

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