Is feeling pain good for our health?

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Pain is the name given to the sign that the nervous system sees any disorder in any part of the body. It is an unpleasant feeling that arises in the form of hurt, discomfort or irritation or itching. The pain can be temporary or permanent, it can be in a particular part of the body or in the whole body. It can be fast or low intensity, but basically, the issue is the same and that means something is wrong.

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The most important benefit of pain is that it is a key factor in diagnosing any problem with the body. If you don't feel pain, you may not even be aware of it and you may be seriously injured or you may not know at all that you need treatment for a medical problem.

Pain may be fast and long lasting. The second type of pain is chronic pain, which lasts longer. This can lead to many more problems. Not all pain is treatable, but in most cases it is treatable. The most important thing is to find out the cause of this pain. However, with the help of painkillers, in addition to treating the causes, pain relief can also be taken.

We feel pain when nociceptor nerves detect damage to a tissue somewhere. They pass information about this damage to the brain through the spinal cord. For example, if we touch a warm surface with our hand, the nerves will transmit it to the brain through the spinal cord, in response the brain will immediately order the muscles to contract. The hand will be removed from the surface, thus minimizing damage to the body.

This reaction is so rapid that the brain has already removed the hand from the warm surface before the sensation of pain reaches the brain, however, this message of pain or this unpleasant sensation is felt later.

The release of such messages from the nerves, the transmission of these messages to the spinal cord and the transmission of these messages to the brain, causes different feelings of pain in different people depending on the efficiency.

Acute pain usually occurs immediately and can be caused by an illness, a wound or an inflammation. Such pain is usually diagnosed and treated. It should also be noted that acute pain under normal circumstances does not cover very long medications. But it is possible that this will turn into chronic pain.

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Pain does not really exist, but is the study of the information that reaches the brain through the nerves. The brain uses this information to determine the extent of the pain. Rather, it is the message that the mind ponders.

Nerves transmit information to the brain about damage to the body, and the brain decides on pain based on this information. The nerves also transmit more information by constantly assessing the damage, and the brain also decides whether to increase or decrease the severity of the pain.

One way to reduce pain is to provide the brain with something more important to think about. That is, in the event of distress, something that is very important to the brain can be a great way to relieve pain.

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