Increasing use of plastics is major cause of pollution

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Today ours earth is suffering from many problems at the same time. From the depletion of the ozone layer to deforestation, pollution is one of the major problems facing the planet at the same time. Pollution is one of the major causes of the destruction of the planet. Pollution was not so serious until the last century, but over time, it became a serious problem.

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There are many types of pollution around us, but if we look around, we can see that plastic is a major cause of it. If it burns, then it is a cause of air pollution and also a threat to the lives attached to it. Even the air we breathe, also contains tiny plastic particles.

Plastic is a substance that lasts a long time. It can be said that its material degradation is not possible. But there are some products which can be used only once. These types of plastics cause the most pollution which not only pollutes the environment around us but also many tourist places appear to offer the view of garbage dumps which is a noteworthy thing because It would be like an eclipse in our beautiful and precious assets.

Plastic not only causes pollution to our assets but also causes pollution in the form of piles of rubbish on the streets, roads and highways around us whereas it blocks sewer lines causing standing sewage water on the roads. Insects, mosquitoes and other terrestrial insects are produced due to which it is not cleaned for many days which causes various diseases like diarrhea, malaria and other diseases.

This plastic, when it reaches ponds, lakes and rivers, it chokes them and pollutes the water. When this water reaches our homes, it causes various diseases. If it is eaten by animals, it sticks to their stomachs, which can cause them from diseases to death.

The question is why plastic is so dangerous and if so why are we using it so recklessly? For this we first need to understand its composition. Plastic was first developed in a laboratory by Leo Baekeland, an American scientist, in the 1930's, by melting synthetic and non-synthetic substances into their desired shape, which contained carbon, which is chemically hazardous. It contains a dangerous substance called Bisphenol A, which is called BPA in short term. It is very harmful to health. With this in mind, American standards have been set, which are made in the form of a triangle on each plastic product. The triangles of digits 1, 2, 3, 4 point to safe plastics, while the rest to hazardous plastic materials.

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When it comes to decomposition, its decomposition is very slow which takes more than 100 years. We cannot dump it into the rivers, because it is a major threat to aquatic life, nor can we burn it because it will cause air pollution, nor can we bury it in the ground because it reduces the fertility of the land. The point is that plastic cannot be decomposed in any way, which is why the whole world is turning into a pile of plastics, which is a huge threat to the entire ecosystem. The only solution is to prevent plastics.

Although plastic is dangerous, why do we use it recklessly? The background is that plastic, as soon as it was introduced, immediately spread in the industry because it was cheaper than natural products and easier to manufacture, making many copies at once. The plastics industry made huge profits from it and people started using it indiscriminately due to its cheapness and beauty. But its usefulness or harm has not been considered till then, until its major losses come to light.

Not only the government, but we also have to play our role individually and save the country and the world from this pollution in which everyone wants to play their role. In the same way, if we all work together on this mission, we will soon get rid of this problem like pollution and plastic.

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