Can we prevent natural disasters?

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The world faces the daunting challenges of land, sea and air pollution from land and sea disasters, earthquakes, climate change, hurricanes and deforestation. Scientists and geologists around the world have been making terrible predictions about earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, torrential rains and other climate changes. They say that our planet has entered a terrible period of natural disasters, it will have to go through incredible stages of oppression of nature and extraordinary dangers and catastrophes to the terrestrial environment.

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Expert research reports are full of warnings. It has been said time and again that we need to find a new relationship between the earth and the sky, the balance of life and the universe, to prevent the destruction of the terrestrial environment so that the future of mankind is not sacrificed to brutal climate change.

With each passing year, the damage from earthquakes, torrential rains, floods, and tidal surges has increased rather than diminished. The steady rise in the number of people affected by rains, floods and earthquakes is a matter of concern. The number of victims of the 2010 monsoon rains and floods in Pakistan was higher than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Newsweek released a report in 2015 urging people to beware of more catastrophic earthquakes and underground structural vibrations and vibrations of the grinding plates.

After man-made weapons of mass destruction, the most widespread causes of loss of life and property are sudden disasters, which are called natural disasters. There is no way to avoid these natural disasters, only through proper precautions the damage caused by them can be reduced to some extent.

The scope of geological research is expanding to protect scientific inventions and human lives, and many flood prevention projects are being implemented in the West. Developed countries are urging member states to take all possible countermeasures to achieve multilateral agreements on climate change and the United Nations to raise global awareness.

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Over the past several years, geological conditions and seismological sensitivities have gripped the world. According to a survey, 500,000 earthquakes occurred in different regions and islands worldwide but were not felt. One hundred thousand tremors were recorded in them, according to the survey, about one hundred earthquakes have wreaked havoc in these earthquakes. Chile's February 27, 2010 earthquake shook the city by ten feet. Experts say oil drilling is also a precursor to earthquakes.

Research into the causes of earthquakes continues. The friction of the earth's plates, the constant thunder, and the process of horrific changes lead to tragedies. According to the research of scientists, due to the constant movement of shifting plates, high-rise buildings, sand dunes and thousands of people die in one go. Iraq, Turkey and Iran are in the range of earthquakes, the damage caused by earthquakes in these countries shocks the heart of the world community. Countries that have been embroiled in hundreds of political, economic, military, and business rivalries and interests continue to adopt a deplorable attitude of disengagement from environmental catastrophes.


The nation is deprived of its resources due to hurricanes, environmental pollution and pollution of marine life. According to scientists, the world will not be able to blame nature, if the human race does not stop this spectacle of environmental destruction that it has created. However, it is not in the power of human beings to prevent disasters, but we must always have a mechanism in place to prevent their catastrophes.

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The world has done a fairly good job of responding to natural disasters. What is happening is that since millions of people now have high quality cameras; So, we are seeing more of the disasters that occur. It looks like there are more disasters, when in fact we are just seeing more things.

BTW, with more and more people on the planet, we should expect to see more and more people in harms way. The question is the percent of people in harms way.

One really strange thing that changed in my life is that, when I was a kid, it is was usually religious zealots running around saying the modern world is doomed for our collective material sins. The scientists repeated in unison that change was gradual.

Today people claiming to be scientists are running around saying that mankind is doomed for our collective sins and the religious zealots are the ones more likely to repeat the line that the status quo is the will of God.

BTW, I am less fearful of natural disaster than I am of man made disaster. The governments and big businesses of the world seem to be out of hand. Big governments and big business have a long history of doing things that harm people.