Adverse effects of environmental pollution

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Breathing in the open air and clean air is essential for human health and survival, but in this advanced and scientific age man has neither access to clean air nor open air. In this modern age, mankind is forced to breathe in polluted air and drink polluted water. Due to this polluted air and polluted water, the human body is suffering from innumerable diseases. The main reason of this pollution is air pollution which is becoming a major obstacle in building a healthy society.

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When various types of items and waste are incinerated with the intention of disposing of them, the fumes emitted from them cause air pollution. Toxic gases and particles in the smoke enter the air and cause air pollution, which can lead to cancer-causing infectious diseases and complex lung and throat diseases. Environmentalists have expressed concern that large populations of developing countries, live near garbage dumps, leading to a variety of mental and physical illnesses. According to research, garbage dumps also emit toxic gases harmful to human health.

Statistics from the last 5 to 10 years prove that air pollution is the main reason for the increase in mortality. On the other hand, industrial production is also being affected, as most of the raw materials required for manufacturing are derived from the agricultural sector. Climate change and pollution have also led to a sharp decline in global economic output.

Air pollution is also increasing day by day due to emissions of nitrogen and carbon compounds from various industries and transport. According to a conservative estimate, the current atmosphere contains 31% more deadly gases such as carbon dioxide than in 1750. Due to this dangerous state of pollution, the incidence of lung diseases, asthma, tuberculosis and allergies in humans is increasing. Some sources of electricity are also contributing to air pollution. There is a need to use natural resources for power generation.

Agriculture is also being affected due to pollution and food shortage is increasing day by day. Groundwater as well as drinking water is being polluted due to pesticides used in crops. Ground water and nitrates absorbed in crops due to use of chemical fertilizers, are causing the deadly disease of anemia in infants. This disease is also commonly called Blue Baby Syndrome.

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In addition to pesticides and fertilizers, heavy metals contained in various industrial wastes such as lead, cadmium, selenium, mercury, etc., and sewage effluent are not only contaminating groundwater but also our crops and the agricultural industry. When the grains from these crops enter the human stomach for the purpose of satisfying hunger, the metal components in these grains cause severe damage to the human stomach, liver and kidneys.

Excess of these components in the human body also severely affects the immune system, which increases the risk of the spread of countless different diseases in humans. These dangerous metal particles also adversely affect the human brain, such as contaminated water particles causing mental retardation in children.

According to a research survey by a UN agency, 30 million people worldwide die each year from diseases caused by air pollution alone. In addition, the acid rain caused by air pollution is causing irreparable damage to humans, animals and plants.

According to Environmentalists, greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to global warming, which poses a serious threat to all living things on Earth. The general impression is that the bomb of global warming is many times more dangerous than the atomic bomb. It has been observed that the general heat situation is getting worse in summer now as compared to the past while winter is getting shorter. Due to climate change, the damage caused by torrential rains, floods and hurricanes is increasing in different countries.

People around the world are suffering due to famine and torrential rains and floods are endangering human life. Global temperatures have risen sharply over the past few decades due to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution. According to a research report published in December 2005 by James E. Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies, global temperatures have risen by 1°F in the last 30 years. As temperatures rise, polar ice caps and glaciers will melt. Experts estimate that sea levels will rise by 9 to 100 centimeters by 2100, drowning coastal cities.

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All of these conditions are actually the result of global warming. According to environmentalists, emissions of greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons are also severely damaging the ozone layer. The protective layer of ozone acts as a natural shield against the sun's harmful rays reaching the earth. Increasing air pollution damages the ozone layer and causes various destructive rays to reach the earth, causing terrible diseases, including skin cancer. it is need of the hour to do fruitful efforts on individual and worldwide level to minimize the effects of environmental pollution.

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