Heat Battery A New Source Of Renewable Energy Availabe Very Soon.

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Scientists developed a Heat Battery for using in a home which works on the thermochemical principle and had a stable life circle of 20 years assuming full charging and discharging once in month.
Image Credit: https://innovationorigins.com/tno-and-tu-e-receive-7-million-euro-eu-subsidy-for-heat-battery-on-salt/

The heat battery is made of two components Water and Salt hydrate(Potassium Carbonate).
Working principle: When water vapour added with a salt hydrate the water binds with the salt and the salt transforms into a new crystalline form. In this reaction the H,eat is generated which is reversible.

If we add heat into the new crystal then water and the salt hydrate is separated again. This heat is stored in heat battery as long as these two components are separated.
The heat battery is very efficient and charged and discharged for a long time without loss of any energy.

The heat battery can be charged by electricity or by heat. This is used to heat the room or in a heat pump. Once charged it keeps home shower hot up to two weeks. The device can be connected with electric grids or heat network or solar panel. The size of the device is just like a refrigerator.
Very soon this heat battery will be available in Europian Market for home used.

Source : https://innovationorigins.com/tno-and-tu-e-receive-7-million-euro-eu-subsidy-for-heat-battery-on-salt/