Multidimensional universe inside the human brain!?

in #science2 years ago

Here's a great article and video on the latest pushing back of the noetic horizon.

I've read thousands of pages on neurology and the quantum physics of consciousness (much of it snicker well over my head) and I am always fascinated by cutting edge discoveries like this one (Scientists have found the human brain can create structures in up to 11 dimensions), but after digesting the findings I return to the same conclusion; the scientists will always be answering the "easy problems" of consciousness (which are incredibly hard questions to start with; how the brain works, what its correlatives to function and thought and emotion are, et cetera), but they'll never get closer to answering the "hard problems" of consciousness which are not about the hows, but the whys.

Science is absorbed with explaining how the machine works and how it can break down, but they rarely uncover an understanding into why it works in the first place. They are doing tremendous work to repair the machine, but the machine will always be driven by the ghost inside it which eludes their science. That is a realm of inquiry reserved for philosophers, theologians, psychologists and poets.

Nevertheless, this latest finding is amazing, but it also shows how far we have to go. This discovery that inside the brain are countless tiny "black holes" is akin to the realization that we might not ever know what is on the other side of an astral black hole until we travel through one, and the nearest one of those was only discovered last year and is 1,011 light-years away. We've only managed to create one spacecraft, Voyager 1, that has reached the interstellar space outside our solar system.