Third Genetically Modified Baby - Confirmed

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In isn't that long since we have heard about the first genetically modified baby born. Now the third has been born.

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Image by sathyatripodi from Pixabay

Jail For The Editor

The Chinese news agency Xinhuanet recently announced that He Jiankui – the scientist responsible for the creation of the first genetically modified children – has been sentenced to a three-year sentence for illegal practicing of medicine. This is news that will not surprise those of you who have been paying attention as China showed their stern disapproval almost right away once we knew about the twins were born.

A New Human Is Born

What is much more surprising is the fact that they also officially confirmed that a third genetically modified boy was born. He Jiankui did say that there was another modified baby carried last November but not all people believed him. Nonetheless, when a Standford bioethicists William Hurlbut had a long conversation with Jiankui he said that he thinks that the said woman is in her 12th to 14th week of pregnancy.

Thus, if Hurlbut was correct then the birth took place somewhere in either June or July. But we haven't heard anything in any media about that happening and sadly the news from Xinhuanet do not provide any further information so we have no idea about the sex, age or even the health of the baby.


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"Genetically Modified Baby" means exactly what is meant. So I don't understand what is genetically modified. This is the first time I've heard the news from you. Thank you.