New Warming Up Batteries For Electric Cars Will Charge In Just Ten Minutes

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Drivers want their electric vehicles to charge as fast as possible. But quick charging normally dramatically damages lithium-ion batteries. But if such a battery is preheated to 60 degrees Celsius it charges quicker without damaging.


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Electric engine technologies – mainly electric cars – are highly dependent on rechargeable batteries. Many research teams are intensely working on developing new types of batteries that would simplify the usage of electric vehicles or even planes. American scientists and engineers developed a new lithium-ion battery which warms up during the charging process while it keeps its temperature stable during discharging. They say that the battery could be charged for a 300-kilometer ride in just ten minutes.

Scientists found out that there is a large demand for electric car batteries that would charge quickly. But that means that the battery has to rapidly take in about 400 kilowatts of charging power. Current batteries just cannot handle that. They would risk that metal lithium creates around their anodes dramatically decreasing their lifespan.

Common lithium-ion batteries charge and discharge at the same temperature. Chao-Yang Wang from the American Pennsylvania State University and his coworkers created a work-around by having their batteries warm-up. It charges up in a few minutes at a temperature of around 60°C while it discharges at a lower temperature. The battery creators say it is key to warm the battery up quickly as if it was warm-up for a longer time it would be devastating for its lifetime.

To have to battery warm-up quickly and equally they created a self-warming structure from nickel that allows the battery to warm-up in less than 30 seconds. Experiments show that a preheated battery will work well for at least 1700 cycles of brutally intense charging. The same battery charged at normal temperatures will last for only 60 cycles.


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