Cute Fingerbot Is The Easy Way To Create A Smart Home

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The interesting gadget called Fingerbot provides you with the option to create a smart-home with minimal expense. A small robot controlled by a smartphone app can replace a finger on many buttons and switches.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A Cheap Way To Get A Smart Home

Currently, it really isnt that hard to create a smart-home. Well, if you have the money. Many of the smart devices are so much more expensive compared to their smart counterparts that most people will just buy a “dumb” device instead. In many cases it would be much simpler if you could buy a cheap devices that will turn your “dumb” device into somewhat smart one for an acceptable price.

This is exactly what the small little Fingerbot is. With the accompanying app it provides a universal button or switch push over a distance. It was developed by the Adaprox company that gave it the look of a small cube with an “arm” that can push the button or switch. The app on your phone allows you to control the Fingerbot. The app can even be used with Siri and preprogrammed to push the button at a certain time.

The Fingerbot it connected via Bluetooth thus it can be controlled over a distance of roughly 50 meters. And if you need to control it from a longer distance you just the Adaprox Bridge to connect it to the internet giving it even more practicability allowing you to control it over large distances – like from your job or from a vacation.

The Adaprox Bridge also allows you to use other voice command systems like the Google Assistant or Alexa and allows users to connect it with the Google Home network or with the IFTTT service. It is exactly IFTTT that gives users to program the Fingerbot to push a button for example when the temperature goes under a certain number.

Right now, we do not know how practical will the Fingerbot be. But soon consumer should get the chance to try it out as Adaprox has gone to Kickstarter and it seems quite successfully. Three weeks before the end of the Kickstarter campaign they already have three times the amount of what they wanted. And if all goes according to plan it should be available on the market in May of 2020.


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