Fast Fourier Transform: The Algorithm that Runs Everything (Video)

in #science5 months ago (edited)

Science has always fascinated me. Math was never my strong suit but have found a need for it as the scope of work done for others expanded as the knowledgebase did. This video has some neat information and explanation about the Fast Fourier Transform.. An algorithm that has immense calculation potential and can be applied to an amazing amount of real world applications from seismic events to collecting brain waves to decipher the working of ones mind. It is quite prevalent in telecoms and other digital signals that we bathe in on a daily basis. A shit ton of the current technology relies on somewhere under the hood is utilizing the Fast Fourier Transform.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
-Nikola Tesla

If you're a nerd like me, wrapping your head around this is one of those things that opens your eyes up to the deeper levels of signal intelligence and communications. As it can be used in various mutations to do all sorts of things, chances are you're exposed to it every day without even knowing.


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Why do they teach calculus?
Why don't they teach Fast Fourier Transforms instead?

Far more useful. High degree of applications.
And really matches what we see in the universe.
Wave patterns everywhere.

Calculus, in comparison: Everything useful has already been computed. Just look up the formula.
Knowing it doesn't help you at all. Its like showing your work when you've done it a hundred times.

Well, i discussed why the teach calculus first in my first post on STEEM
and it is to destroy your brain and get you to never question math(amagics).

Scary how well math works in real life sometimes. Maybe we‘re just decoding the simulation.