An Epidemic and Mental Health

in science •  2 months ago 

//Mental Impact//

I browsed over a piece that discussed the psychological impacts of the current lockdowns being seen around the world. Staying at home may seem like a simple request but not everyone is in the same boat and not everybody can handle a lockdown in the same way. While humanity seeks to save as many lives as possible, there is another impact that quarantine and isolation brings. That is, direct influence over mental health. It’s a difficult time and we can’t just think about a virus and its physical toll. The article goes on to discuss the observed patterns in those who were quarantined during the previous SARS epidemic of 2003. While quarantine itself was explored as a direct link to later emerging disorders, the reasons for the negative impact of the events told even more.

//Communication Priority//

One of the most important things that stood out to me is the mention of communication throughout the process. Many were not told why they would have to isolate, it was simply done and this was magnitudes higher in stress. Coupling this isolation with limited ways to interact online and basic necessities, it would be enough to drive most people to a difficult place. Reflecting on current events, the rest of the world has tried its best to communicate around COVD-19 and it’s hard to not know why a lockdown has been put into place. Perhaps the psychological aspect of isolative approaches have been thoroughly assessed and it is the prime reason we have seen such delay in response to the virus, perhaps not.

//Human Connection//

I spoke to a friend working on the frontline health services and mental health of not just patience but the very people on the frontlines are at risk. Pressure, paranoia and lack of resources creates a working environment that eclipses any pressures seen in other situations. People have families, worries and some may not even be able to see their loved ones again. With that thought in mind, supporting our comrades in the coming weeks will be just the minimum we can offer. A show of appreciation, regular counselling and most importantly, communication is needed to get through this. This is a lonely time for many and making a synthetic connection is all we can do until things go back to normal. Society has felt the cold wave brought by the coronavirus and immediate contact with one another will be needed after it has passed. For now, we do what we can. Showing care, love and support to all those around us.


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