Can pregnant mom pass coronavirus to her unborn youngster ? Early research says no.

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There are a lot of unknowns concerning the new coronavirus, together with whether or not pregnant females who seize the virus can cross it to their unborn child. Now, a preliminary be taught suggests the virus, referred to as 2019-nCoV, may not be transmitted throughout being pregnant.


However, the gain knowledge of used to be small and concerned only pregnant ladies in the third trimester who gave birth through cesarean section (C-part). More studies are needed to verify the findings and to see whether or not they apply to other companies of pregnant women. We will have to proceed to pay particular [attention] to newborns born to moms with COVID-19," the brand new identify for the ailment triggered with the aid of 2019-nCoV.

The information of an infant in China who verified confident for 2019-nCoV within 36 hours of delivery. But if so, it wasn't clear whether or not transmission in the womb really occurred. It is usually that the little one caught the virus after start from shut contact, Some infections can move from a mom to child in the course of pregnancy, despite the fact that exactly how this happens is in most cases doubtful. Pathogens may cross to the baby via the placenta throughout pregnancy, or via contact with bodily fluids for the period of supply. For example, if a pregnant woman has HIV, the new child may just come to be contaminated by way of blood that gets into the placenta throughout labor contractions, or by way of contact with blood in the course of supply.

When the ladies gave delivery by way of C-part, medical professionals collected samples of amniotic fluid, umbilical twine blood and breast milk, as well as samples from the newborn's throat. All of these samples have been taken in the working room on the time of delivery in order that they would high-quality characterize the conditions within the womb, Not one of the ladies developed extreme pneumonia as a result of their illness, and the entire newborns survived.

Future studies "of pregnant females with COVID-19 contamination, as well as neonates, shall be indispensable to establish the security and wellness of mothers and toddlers" exposed to the brand new coronavirus.


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Hopefully, knowledge and studies move forward to quickly cure this disease. I am a little glad that at least the transmission to the fetus is not confirmed and for now it seems that the mother cannot infect her own child before birth.

Thank you glad you enjoyed this i really appreciate child a mother precious gift

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The concern in this regard is very large despite the fact that no confirmed cases, I believe that the problem will arise after the baby is born, somehow will be exposed to that terrible Virus.
Now in the latest news I have read that they have already managed to separate a strain of that virus, now only the development of medicine is lacking.

Let hope for the best it will not be okay seeing young one having thid virus at a very early age

Due to the recent appearance of this virus, there are still many studies to be carried out.
There are still many things to learn about their behavior and effects on humans.

Although the authorities are very busy attending to the infected, millions of dollars are also being allocated to find an effective treatment and carry out the relevant investigations.

Yes millions of dollars have being allocated to find an effective treatment, yet still the rate is of people with the virus keep going up day by day

We'll keep waiting the news about this terrible disease, but for now I sow in my heart the hope it doesn't get passed from mothers to their offsprings.

My Chinese friends report that some of them are beginning to be discriminated for this tragedy... Imagine what such experience would mean to a little child.

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It hurts me seeing little child coming to the world and start facing all this at a early age

My question is... can millions die because of this virus?

The possibility of millions dying with this epidemic isn't feasible but thousands is more like. Only about 1k+ have died of this virus, if the cause can be found soonest then the problem will start getting a solution. As for number of infected, it can get to hundreds of thousands.

This a very question, my answer hope there is cure asap