COVID19: What is known at present

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I am not ready to believe that EM radiation could be the entire problem as David Cowan suggests; I can easily believe that such radiation could create virus material in one or more persons as he describes and thereafter the viruses be spread person to person. That makes more sense to me than claims of COVID19 being a bioweapon.

There does not appear to be any evidence to support the idea of keeping anything shut down past Easter.

The extreme difficulty of testing for a particular kind of Corona virus makes Corona viruses ideal for starting fake/false pandemics, intentionally or otherwise.

Some part of COVID19 is real but it definitely is not something you shut the world down over. There is also a big question as to a relationship between COVID19 and the implementation of 5G technology.

Assuming that you have somehow sorted out the real cases of Covid19 from all the other flavors of Corona virus which current testing will turn up and that you want to treat somebody for whatever flavor of Corona virus they might have including COVID19, there appears to be a simple cure:

The Zinc/Hydroxychloroquine/Zithromycin cocktail story:

Nonetheless (the bad news), there are bad actors in the picture who don't want us to have that cure and appear to be actively working to prevent our having it:


ordinary quinine tonic for mixed drinks....