COVID19, immunity, and 5G

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There are two things which strike me as unusual about the COVID19 “dempanic”:

  1. The unusually long latency period combined with the generally mild symptoms should be interpreted, as Ben Davidson has suggested, to mean that the thing most likely went around the world at least once before anybody figured out what it was. i.e. if we had a real test for it, it would most likely turn out that most people have had it and gotten over it without being aware of doing so. New tests from Oxford University support this interpretation:

The British government has downgraded COVID 19 from existential threat to somewhat less than that:

Experts in Canada and Israel at least have apparently determined that, as Davidson's analysis and the Oxford study indicate, Covid 19 cannot be contained and that they will try to isolate those with compromised immune systems while letting everybody else get whatever it is and develop immunity naturally (which is what the whole world did with measles and chickenpox in 1957).

  1. Granted that correlation does not imply or amount to causality; nonetheless the very high correlation between COVID19 and the implementation of 5G technology should force our leaders to shut 5G technology down until and unless some very much more thorough testing has been done than has been done so far and that testing needs to be guaranteed impartial.

Google appears to be actually working to shut this story down and you won’t find it on Google. Other search engines turn it up in profusion: 5G

By some accounts, 5G is the entire problem and viruses involved are simply byproducts:

The book Cowan mentions:

Wuhan is the epicenter of 5G tech in China, SK and Italy are heavily involved in 5G, and everything on those cruise ships is 5G; Many of the worst cases have shown the classical symptoms of radiation poisoning and not virus infection. Again apparently, there is something we do not know about EM radiation, particularly the 60GH em radiation of 5G, and viruses, and a decent concern over the safety of the people of the world should indicate that 5G be shut down until/unless that knowledge gap can be bridged and the technology demonstrated to be safe.